Please Close The Lid Bathroom Decor


Please Close The Lid

How cute is this sign I made for our pink guest bath? One of our Wolfhounds has a serious drinking problem, and we sometimes forget to tell guests. So Please Close the Lid!  I used the Decorative Sign with is the Blank of the Month from Artesprix. It's only available this month, so be sure to grab it while you can. So many great ways to use this blank!

After Weeding

I started with the Heat Resistant Sublimation Mask. This is a full 8.5 x 11 sheet and it cuts beautifully on my Silhouette Cameo. There are instructions on cut settings included with the product. After cutting I weeded out the area I wanted to sublimate and left everything else intact. It comes on a very sturdy backing sheet. PLEASE NOTE - do not mirror your text when using these masks.

Transferring Heat Mask

Since my font had small pieces that would be lost if I just peeled the backing off the mask sheet, I used some transfer tape over the top of the mask. This way when I peeled the backing off, all my bits and pieces stayed in place and intact. Then I applied the mask to the blank and removed the transfer tape. 

Preparing to heat press

So, I wasn't thinking about color overrun when I cut the piece of heat mask to a small size. So I used some bits and piece I had left over from other projects to cover the rest of the area on the top of the blank. 

Sublimation Paints

Have you tried the Sublimation Paints from Artesprix yet? They are pretty cool let me tell you! It made this project so much easier. Instead of trying to color each little letter I just painted the pink paint on plain copy paper and let dry. Once dry, I used more heat tape to adhere it to the top of the blank, paint side down, then made a sandwich out of Protective Paper. The sandwich makes sure that you don't inadvertently get ink onto something you didn't mean to! 

Please Close The Lid

 I added some 3D flamingo stickers that I had on hand, and some pom-pom trim top finish my project off. Everything in life is better with pom-pom trim!  The Decorative Sign comes complete with a ribbon for hanging, but I switched it out for a matching pink one. 

Artesprix Iron-on Ink

You can find all the supplies I used for this project, plus so much amazing inspiration, on the Artesprix website, so be sure to check them out. Don't forget to grab your Decorative Sign before the end of July when they are gone! 

Cute and Easy Charm using Sublimation


Flamingo Charm

How stinkin' cute is this charm necklace I made for my princess? The blank of the month from Artesprix is a set of 4 charms. They are so easy to use. And so many possibilities!  Be sure to get some before they are gone- they are only available until the end of the month.

Sublimation prep

 Always start your project with tracing the shape of the blank on plain copy paper using a pencil - never a pen. A pencil won't transfer but a pen might. 

Iron on Markers

 I stamped the flower image using the Pink ink pad and colored around the image with the Lavender Marker from the Pastel Marker set. 

Heat Resistant Tape

Place the blank face down on the colored image and secure with heat resistant tape so it won't move while in the heat press. The Charms are pressed at 400° for 45 seconds. For more detailed instructions please hop here .

Sublimation Charm

I finished the project by filling a tiny glass bottle with micro beads and glitter, and attaching the charm and bottle to a ribbon necklace. 

Check out all the amazing products and inspiration on the Artesprix website. 

Ombre Unicorn Pillow using Atesprix Sublimation Markers


Sublimation Unicorn Pillow
This month at Artesprix the Blank of the Month is a fabulous ombre pillow case. Y'all - this things is so adorable. I made this unicorn pillow for the princess and she is going to love it! 

Sublimation Supplies


  • Ombre Pillow Case Blank of the Month from Artesprix
  • Artesprix Fine Line Sublimation Markers
  • Artesprix Pastel Sublimation Markers
  • Protective Paper
  • Heat Resistant Tape
  • Copy paper / pencil / scissors
  • heat press


Unicorn Sublimation
I started by printing this image from my Silhouette Library then coloring the image using the fine line and pastel markers. Be sure to cover everything before you move on to pressing. 

Heat Resistant Tape

Make a pressing sandwich using a piece of protective paper INSIDE the pillow case to prevent any bleed through, the colored design facing down, then another sheet of protective paper.  Press according to directions. 

Sublimation Unicorn

After pressing for the recommended amount of time, use heat resistant gloves to peel back a small section of the copy paper and make sure everything looks great before removing the paper completely. 

Ombre Unicorn Pillow

Look at this beautiful design! All that's left is to add a pillow insert and now the princess has a new pretty for her room.  This blank is only available for the month of March, so be sure to grab yours before they are gone.

Artesprix Iron-on Ink

In honor of National Craft Month Artesprix is having a sale - 25% off all blanks all month long. Be sure to hop over and check out all the amazing things you can sublimate on.

Imagine Sublimation Trivet


Artesprix Trivet
The Artesprix Blank of the month is a fantastic trivet. There are so many possibilities with this blank! I decided to so some stamping along with the sublimation and make this Imagine art piece for the princess' bedroom. She loves to make art and I hope this inspires her!

Sublimation Markers and Stamp Pads

I started by using the Iron-on-Ink stamp pads in a variety of colors to stamp flowers and foliage around the edges. Then I used the markers to add some additional details to the stamped images. Remember,, plain Jane copy paper is what you use for your base - trace the outline of your blank onto the copy paper and then you are ready to decorate.



How to Fix Sublimation Mistakes

See that little tiny orange fingerprint that I managed to get in the middle of my copy paper while I was stamping? That will 100% transfer to your blank when you heat press it!!!!  Place a small piece of heat resistant tape on the copy paper to cover it up. Learn from my mistakes young Jedi!

Sublimation Ready to Press

 Once your have your design to your liking,, place your blank face down onto the copy paper and secure with Heat Resistant Tape.  Use enough that your blank has no chance of shifting. Trust me- you would rather use a few extra pieces of tape than ruin a project!

Sublimated Trivet

Ta-da! Your design is now permanent and won't wash or rub off. Now it's time to embellish my trivet to put in my Princess' room. 

Imagine pape piecing

I used a variety of stamps, dies, and card stocks to add this centerpiece in the middle of my trivet. This will make a fabulous addition to her art table in her room!

The Trivet is the Blank of The Month for February so be sure to grab them before they are gone. There are SO many uses for this blank. Check out some more fabulous ideas at the Artesprix Blog

Artesprix Iron on Ink

Thanks so much for stopping by. You can see this project and other fun sublimation 

projects on my Pinterest boards.  

Sublimation Wine Stopper DIY - Easy and Fun


Sublimation Stamp Pads Wine Stopper

Now that Christmas is behind us my thoughts are turning to spring and all the fun crafts that brings. Valentine Day is not a huge deal for us, because our wedding anniversary is that same week. But, I still like to mark the occasion - and wine is a must! 


This month the Wine Stopper is the Blank of The Month at Artesprix and it is adorable y'all. You really need to grab one - or a couple - before they are gone. They are HEAVY too - much more than I expected. AND- they each come with 4 sublimation ready gloss white inserts - so you can change them up if you wanted to!


Artesprix Wine Stopper Sublimation

I grabbed a bottle of wine - Moscato is my favorite - added some lace to dress it up, and tied a matching ribbon to hold the wine stopper in place.  


Artesprix Wine Stopper 

Artesprix Sublimation Stamp Pad - I used Pink

Artesprix Sublimation Marker pack

Artesprix Heat Tape

Artesprix Protective Paper

Heat press - I like this one. It is easy to travel with and doesn't take up a ton of space!

Copy Paper



Stamps and stamping block

Sublimation Step by Step

Step 1 : trace the blank onto copy paper using a pencil. Never a pen! Pencil will not transfer onto the blank, but a pen will.

Step 2 : stamp your design on the copy paper using clear acrylic stamp and Sublimation Ink Pad. Remember- the color of the ink changes dramatically when it is heated!

Step 3 : I used a marker and colored over the stamped image to fill the entire outlined space. 

Step 4 : place the blank face down onto the design and secure with heat resistant tape. NOTE: this blank has a protective top sheet that must be removed prior to pressing. Don't be like me and forget that step the first time!

Step 5 : (not shown) make a "sandwich" with the protective paper enclosing the blank inside, with the copy paper UP. 

Heat press - for the wine stopper it is 385° for 45 seconds. Carefully remove from protective paper and peel one side of the copy paper back to make sure everything looks great before removing it completely. 

Ta-da! You have a beautiful sublimated blank. Add to the actual wine stopper using the double sided adhesive already in place, just remove the paper covering and press the sublimated blank into place. 

DIY Sublimation Wine Stopper

 Look how adorable this is! Everyone on your list is going to love getting one of these.