Haunted Halloween Drinks using Dry Ice


Well,, it's after September 1st which means it is officially Halloween season at our house! I love Halloween - the decorating, the baking, the parties, and especially the food. We always have haunted Halloween drinks- everyone loves them. Years ago I learned the secret to making these bubbly, fizzy drinks and they are so much fun. The hard part is finding dry ice- everything else is easy! 

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 Vinyl Decals

To make my drinks extra special this year I pulled out some StyleTechCraft™ Vinyl to decorate the glasses.  I used Transparent in Magic Purple #403T for the glasses.  Using my Cameo 4 to cut the decals made this project go smoothly and the designs are from The Silhouette Store. 


Reverse Weeding

When I have tiny details to weed out from my design I like to use reverse weeding. Apply the transfer tape to the design before weeding, burnishing to make sure the tape is firmly in place. Flip the design upside down and weed from the back. If you have never tried this technique you will love it for small details! 


Cupcake toppers

Of course every party needs cupcakes. Every day needs cupcakes, but that would make my hips as wide as my couch so I try to stick to only parties!   I made these cute cupcake toppers using Matte Removable (Black 498MR) and Ultra Metallic (White 149) and my Cameo 4. Clear acetate is the background- I simply layered the vinyl on top. 

Cutting Acetate Sheets

Do you use the Offset feature on your Cameo? I am pretty sure that is the tool I use the most when creating. The offset tool creates a larger version of the original- a shadow layer.  It's perfect for so many projects. 

Cupcake toppers

I find it easier to assemble these when I turn the vinyl upside and then add the acetate layer on top rather than the other way around. This keeps the acetate layer from moving around - which I swear it always does! 

Cauldron drinks

How cute are those little cupcakes! I used the following vinyls:

  • Bat- Matte Removable Black 498MR
  • Pumpkin - Ultra Metallic Orange 148
  • Skull - Matte Removable Black 498MR and Ultra Metallic White 149

Now the secret for the bubbly, fizzy drinks is dry ice and some type of citrus juice. So make what ever kind of punch you like, and be sure to add either orange or pineapple juice to it. Break your dry ice into small pieces (like quarter sized) using a hammer.  I add a chunk or two of dry ice to the bottom of the glass, then add regular ice on top. This will keep the dry ice in the bottom and off your lips. This is especially important when serving to kids (which I do at Girl Scout Camp every couple years, and it is no problem). Pour your punch over the ice and watch the magic happen!  

 You can also use a punch bowl and add a large piece of dry ice to the bowl just before serving. This is pretty dramatic and you will get lots of oohs and ahs!

  • BE SURE to use gloves when handling the block of dry ice and tongs when adding the chunks to the glasses.  Dry ice is so cold it BURNS.
  • Keep the dry ice in a cooler out of the way.
  • Put the cooler outside when you are done with it. When dry ice melts it turns into Carbon Dioxide- which we all know is dangerous. 

Be sure to check out StyleTechCraft™ Facebook and website for more amazing projects. To purchase StyleTechCraft™ Vinyl head on over to ATSMCRAFT - the selection is amazing!   


I am joining in the fun for the Third Edition of Creative Halloween Crafts. So many fun projects! Click on the image above to see them all.  

Upcycle a Candle Container into a Succulent Planter


I have been buying these beautiful candles for years. They smell heavenly y'all! What's even better is they come in these amazing containers! I have been saving these pots all this time because I knew that sooner or later I would find a use for them- they are far too pretty for the recycle bin!  I have recently decided to try my hand at growing succulents and these make the perfect little pots! 
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These are soy candles made by Swan Creek Candle Company. I buy mine at Bass Pro generally, although from time to time I find them at Tractor Supply or small gift shops. They are not the cheapest candles I have ever bought, but they do last a really long time. And they come in the most beautiful containers- so they are worth the extra money for me! There are so many scents too- but the Mulberry & Mandarin is my favorite. 

Etched Planter

I used etchall® etching creme to decorate my container. Did you know that etchall is the only glass etching creme that is kid safe? I have used it several times at the Girl Scout Camp I run each year- the campers LOVE it!  

etching stencil
I used etchmask® to cut my stencil for the project. I like to color my cut lines on my stencils so I can see exactly where they are when it comes time to place it on my project. I use my chalks from way back in the day. Do you still have these? I just can't seem to let them go- I have all the color palettes and I used them all the time back when I made those cute little tear bears. Do you remember those? Or am I just old?? Never mind!  Anyhoo - I use my tool of torture and a mini pom to rub some chalk over the cut stencil, then just wipe off the excess. This makes it so much easier to see where the cut lines are. 

Stencil Transfer
After applying transfer paper to the top of the stencil, remove the backing and apply to your project. See how easy it is to see the cut lines?  On this project it wasn't quite as important, but on any project where the surface is curved, or irregular it helps more than I can say! Remove the transfer paper and weed the portions that will be etched from the stencil. Be sure you don't distort the edges of the cut design.

Etched Candle
Use masking tape to cover any areas that you don't want to accidentally etch . I am notorious at doing that- so seriously get some masking tape and get to covering!  Apply a good coating of etching creme  and let sit for 15 minutes. Or do what I normally do and apply the creme, move on to something else, forget about the etching creme, then come back to it in a bit. Scrape the cream back into the jar- it is reusable! Rinse the container with cold running water- don't worry, water deactivates the creme so it won't hurt your pipes!

Coloring etched glass

 While just the etched glass looks great, I like to color it on a lot of my projects. For this one I used a Rose Gold Wax from Prima. I leave the stencil in place while I color the design, then remove. I think it is less messy that way.  I like using the cheap make-up sponges from the dollar store- that way I can use them once and toss them out. I put a good layer of the wax on the design, and buff with the sponge. Then flip the sponge over and buff the excess wax off.
Now,, this particular wax is NOT permanent. It will come off if washed. I am not really worried about washing a planter on my window sill, so I was OK with it.  
DIY Upcycle Planter

 There you have it! Be sure to check out etchall® on Pinterest to see more fun projects you can make.

Western Scrapbook Layout - Stashbuster!


Western Layout

Today I want to share a layout using some new skills I am trying to get better at.  Have you noticed how many great digital elements there are these days? I know most of the products are aimed at card makers but I wanted to use some for layouts too. 
Are you like me and have a lot of "vintage" supplies? I have so many pretty papers and embellishments I bought so long ago! Since there is always something new and cute coming out, I seemed to have bought faster than I used. Sooo,,, I am trying really hard to use supplies I have on hand. We are going to be moving to our retirement home in the next year or so and I really want to move as little as I can. 
Print and cut title
I used my Silhouette Cameo 4 to print and cut the sentiment and the shadow layer as well. I will have a video shortly showing the steps needed to achieve this. The top layer is Neena bright white cardstock and the shadow layer is Bazzill. 

Stiched Rectangle Dies
Y'all I am loving these Nested Stitched Rectangle dies from Maker's Movement. I have been using them all over the place on so many projects. Their are seven dies in the set and they are super cute! I am working on a mini album with them now that I hope to be able to share in the next week or so. 

Adorn it
So,, who remembers when Debbie Mumm had paper lines with Creative Imaginations??? Does this officially qualify me as a paper hoarder??? Asking for a friend. 😃Anyway,, the cute background paper is from the Cowgirl Up line from Debbie Mumm. The border stickers are from AdornIt - and they match perfectly. I have been waiting a while to use these!

Rub on embellishments

The rub-on here is also from the Debbie Mumm line. Do you use rub-ons? I *love* them. I literally have a whole drawer full of them and I use them as often as I can. Best embellishment ever!  I added some faux stitching to the photo mat using a Stabilo fine line pen. I love the way it looks and sometimes I just don't want to use my sewing machine. This is so much simpler! 

Be sure to check out Maker's Movement and all the fun dies and stamps they have.


Travel Journal Layouts


Beach Destination Hey y'all! I am so excited to share that I am joining the Polka Dot Orchard team. Polka Dot Orchard has a wonderful selection of digital files and I have been having a great time experimenting with them.  I am not someone who likes to color stamped images. Seriously, I gave it a try a couple of times, hated it, and gave my markers to my kid. She loves to color. 
Sweet Summertime
So, I have been experimenting with different ways to use them other than coloring. One of my favorite that I have come up with is using the as digital stamps on my photos before printing. Seriously - how amazing is this title printed right on my photo?And how cut is my little princess and her LONG legs! We just wrapped up Mimi's Summer Camp 2020 and we had the best time! 
Flamingo Island Aruba
OK - back to my travel journal. For this page I used a stamp from the Beach Party set. It was perfect for my Flamingo Island layout. This layout is 6x8 and fairly simple since it is for my travel journal. I make one 6x8 page layout for each destination/trip that I take. Since I travel a LOT the album is getting pretty thick, so flat layouts are a must. 

Water Island
We spent some amazing time at Water Island in the USVI back in 2014 as part of the Caribbean Crawl - that was such a fun trip!  Honeymoon Beach on Water Island is so pretty. We spent a fabulous day lying in chaises, eating some great food, and watching the wildlife. 

Palm Tree Overlay
So, who still has some overlays in their stash from back in the day? I loved overlays and I really wish someone would start making them again. This one is from Kaisercraft - I don't remember what line. I used some Glossy Accents to adhere it to my background paper. 

Sandy Toes
For this layout I used the "Sandy Toes" digi stamp from the Beach Party set. I also added the location and the date using PSE.  That font is Lucinda Regular - and it is my favorite! 

Be sure to hop over to the Polka Dot Orchard website to see all the great stamps. 

Light Up Camp Buckets

Camp Buckets

We love to camp! It is even more fun now that we have a little in the family again. Camping with the princess is so much fun. She is not adept at using a flashlight without shining it in people's eyes yet, so we try to find other ways to light up the area around the camp. I created these light up camp buckets using plain buckets from the food storage area of the grocery store and StyleTechCraft™ Ultra Metallic Vinyl.

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I like to add weed lines to my files when they have a fair amount of detail. Here is a short video showing my process. This is one of the most requested skills when I am teaching classes on Silhouette Studio. With a little bit of practice you will be adding weed lines like a pro!

Lighted Buckets
OK. When I was editing I thought to myself "I don't want the "with" on the tent to be a void, I need to edit that and layer another color on top so it will look better". Yeah, that was a mistake. It looks pretty cool when it is daylight, but as you can see in the photo above when it is dark and lit from within you can't see the word at all. Soooo,,, I am going to cut another layer of the word using Glow in the Dark vinyl and apply that over the original.

Camping Lights

I really love this quote- and it is really true! We do laugh about what happens at the campground all year long.  For both buckets I used Ultra Metallic in Black #128. Look how it sparkles!! So the buckets are pretty by day and pretty by night. Perfect.

String Lights
These are two gallon buckets that I picked up in the bulk food section of the local grocery store. They are made for storing food, but we use them for camp projects all the time. They also have a three and five gallon size. I had these lights in the garage from an old party so I put two strands of them in each bucket. The best things about these lights are that they are plastic- not glass- and I bought them on clearance for $5 bucks a strand!

Lighted Buckets
I had the hubs cut holes in the back of the buckets using a round saw bit made for cutting door knob holes. This made it a lot easier to pull the plug out when I want to plug them in.

Ultra Metallic Vinyl
Look how sparkly the Ultra Metallic vinyl is! It is so pretty. 

Be sure to check out the StyleTechCraft™ page for some amazing ideas. The team is always creating the best projects!