Fun Camping Helpers using StyleTechCraft Adhesive Vinyl


Camp Food

We love to go camping and I am always on the look out for ways to make camping less work and more fun. Especially when you are camping with kids- you need all the tricks! I picked up a few things to help out and of course I had to decorate them! I hope you like these fun camping helpers! 


Trailer Trash

First up is this small trash can I grabbed at the Dollar Tree. It is always a chore trying to keep trash in hand while cooking! I have tried a few things over the years and a weighted trash can on the table is the one I like the best. Now, we don't have a camper - yet- but we are actively looking at them! I can't wait to be able to travel with my hound again! 


Craft Vinyl

This plate cover also came from the Dollar Tree, and I picked up a couple of them. I created a cute file in Silhouette Studio using Text to Path. I applied to the top of the plate covers. TIP: it is much harder to apply vinyl to a soft surface with nothing behind it! 


Shoo Fly

How unbelievably cute is this! I can't wait to use them when we go camping later this month. 

Camp Chair

Of course my sweet princess needs a personalized camp chair! I used Glossy Craft Vinyl to create a two layer design and added some stars. I hope she loves it!

I used the following to create these projects:

Craft Vinyl 
  • White #492
  • Black #499
  • Lavender #434
  • Purple #439
  • Light Pink 
  • Tiff Blue #487
  • Gold #485

Ultra Metallic Silver #126

Be sure to check out the StyleTech Craft­™ Facebook page for great ideas and updates on new colors!


Mod Podge Easter Tray


Mod Podge Easter Tray

This year I am determined to get more Easter decor up around the house. Last year I created my Easter Tree (check it out here) and this year I want to add a few smaller pieces around the house. My sweet princess loves to find new things when she comes over. I think she is going to love this Easter Tray that I created using Paper Mod Podge.

I am joining the fun at Creative Crafts for Quick & Easter Crafts and there are some amazing artists creating fun things for you to check out. Be sure to hop over by clicking on the graphic above. 

PAper Mod Podge

I picked up this tray at HL a while back and have been wanting to use napkins and Mod Podge to create something fun with it. I found some super cute bunny napkins and couldn't wait to get started!  Did you know that Mod Podge has brushes designed to use with their products? I love using these because I don't have to fight with brush marks!

Fussy Cut Napkins

Start by fussy cutting the napkins. These napkins were pretty thick so I used my favorite paper scissors. Be sure to cut enough to finish your project and a couple of extra. Once the layers are separated they are thin! Pull the layers apart so that you are left with the top layer only.

Mod Podge Napkins

I like to start in the middle of the piece and apply one piece at a time. I did find that it was easier to apply a thin layer of the Mod Podge, then press the napkin into it, and let that dry. Then I went back and applied a layer on top of the napkins. When I tried to apply the top layer while the bottom layer was still wet, I tore the napkin! 

Easter Egg Dish

I added a sentiment in the middle of the tray using StyleTechCraft™ Ultra Metallic vinyl in Melon #133 and my Silhouette Cameo 4. This cute bunny tray I picked up at Home Goods- man I love that store!

Easter Decore

I decorated a small bottle I had on hand with Easter paper, cardstock, and some twine. I didn't want to worry about keeping water in the bottle so I used some pretty paper flowers instead. I hope my princess loves these! 


Last Minute Valentine Art

Last Minute Valentine

 I am pretty sure that every single year I end up needing a last minute Valentine gift and this year is no exception. My sweet princess needs a valentine to display on her school desk so I pulled out some supplies from my studio and went to work. Once I had my cut file created the rest of the project was pretty quick. Other than watching paint dry of course! 


Valentine Crafts
I am so happy to be joining in the fun with the amazing ladies at Creative Crafts for a Last Minute Valentine collaboration. There is also an amazing give away so be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post and check that out. 

Craft Supplies

I used a piece of chipboard I bought at a scrapbook show years ago - I had a few left over from my project. I applied three coats of Wicker White Paint, drying between each coat, then sanded the edges for a rustic look. 

Samantha Font

After all the paint was dry I gave the base a couple of spritzes of mica ink in pink, because you can never have too much sparkle! I - LOVE- the Samantha font! It is one of my all time favorites and I had to use it for this too. My sweet princess is learning to read/write cursive so she will be able to read it! I used StyleTech Craft™ Craft Vinyl in Glossy Black for the sentiment. 

Glitter Hearts

To make my cut file I use a butterfly outline and filled it with hearts of varying sizes, then removed the outline. I used StyleTech Craft™ Ultra Metallic in Dark Red to cut the design, then used the end of a paint brush dipped in Licorice to create the body and antenna. Easy peasy! 


Craft Stash Give Away

The organizers of this crafty party, Creative Crafts Collaboration, have pulled together a Craft Stash Giveaway valued at $250!  Lots of chances to win and you can see all the details here:

A Rafflecopter Giveaway


Vintage Travel Case Make Over


Monogrammed Travel Case
I found this travel case at a flea market a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. It has been hanging out in my closet since then. I wanted to update it and use it, so I decided to go with a simple monogram- I am a southern girl after all! I used StyleTech Crafts™ adhesive vinyl on the inside and the outside. 

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Glossy Vinyl

I used a monogram font from The Silhouette Store on this project. I have so many of these fonts and it makes monograms so easy to do! If you haven't check them out yet they are amazing! Since my travel case had a little bit of texture I took extra care to make sure that the vinyl was adhered well into every little dip. I used Craft Vinyl Black #499 for the monogram.

Transferring vinyl

The inside of the top of the case was not in great shape- and it was a rough fabric to start with. I decided to cover it with cardstock and apply my vinyl to that. Not only did it fix the appearance but it made it so much easier to apply my vinyl! I centered the design on cardstock that had been cut to fit and then adhered the cardstock. 

Happy Girls

I love this quote from Audrey Hepburn and it looks great cut from Ultra Metallic Red #129. Sparkle is always better for me!  I used the Samantha Font here- it is one of my favorites and I use it often. It has so many glyphs that you can add to your text and I have added a video below to show how easy it is to use them, 

You can see the whole line of StyleTech Craft™ vinyls at ATSM Crafts.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page as well for fun ideas and giveaways.

Etched Glass Snow Globe


Etched Glass Snow Globe

I love snow. Like really love snow. We almost never get fluffy snow here in north Texas though. So I compensate by making snow crafts 😁  I picked up this cloche at Homegoods a while back and knew I wanted to make some kind of lighted globe with it- Snow Globe!  I used etchall® etching creme and a few supplies from my studio to get it done. 

etchall etching supplies

For this project I used supplies from etchall®- which are all available in the Bee-ginner Etching kit!

  • etchall® etching creme
  • detail pick tool
  • squeegee
  • transfer paper
  • etchmask™ vinyl

Etching stencil

I love using my Cameo 4 to cut my etching stencil from etchmask- it is so easy!  I always like to see exactly were the cut lines are on my stencils. I use some craft chalk to go over the lines and then wipe the excess away. A little bit of chalk colors in the lines and lets me keep track of them to make sure I position my stencil as I want. 

Surface Prep

After applying the etchmask it's time to weed out the area to be etched and tape off the areas you don't want to be etched. I am a messy crafter- so I always use masking tape around the edge of my stencil to make sure I don't accidentally get the etching creme in any stray areas. 

frosted glass

Apply a good coating of the etching creme and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Scrape the creme back into the jar (it's reusable!) and rinse in cold running water. Don't worry- water deactivates the creme so it won't hurt your pipes! I removed the top and bottom portions of the stencil and left the middle section in place so I could color the words in. 

colored etched glass

I used Prima ReDesign Wax Paste to color the words in. I like to leave the stencil in place for this, so I don't have to worry about stray paste. It won't stick to the non etched glass, but it just makes clean up easier! The ReDesign Wax comes in a wide variety of colors - so you can have lots of fun with it!

Glittered Glass

So, since I was working on a snowflake I really wanted to add some sparkle to it. I have never applied Stickles to etched glass before but I love how it came out! I used Icicles - that's my favorite one of all time- and applied a thin coat all over the etched snowflake. It took about 30 minutes to dry and it is super sparkly now!

embellished cloche

I grabbed a stray bottle brush that I had laying around the studio and wrapped it in some fairy lights. The little mini deer is left over from a different project so I through that little guy in there too. The base is a wood slice from the craft store and a piece of white felt cut to fit.