Spring Floral Hoop


Ribbon Hoop
Mother's day is coming up and I am always on the lookout for fun porch decor for my mom. She has a very large porch on her victorian home. She spends a lot of time porch sitting and relaxing. I hope she loves this spring floral hoop. She gets a nice breeze blowing across the porch so I think this will be perfect. 

Gwen Studios Ribbon



paper flowers

I cut lengths of ribbon 24 inches long from a all the rolls, between 3 and 6 each. Using low temp glue - because I will get it on my fingers every single time- I started layering the ribbons on the hoop. 


Spring Florals

Once the ribbons were all in place I trimmed the tops of the ribbons close to the hoop. I didn't worry about getting them perfectly even because I knew that the flowers would hide the edge. 


Flowers and Ribbons

 I dug through my supply of flowers and pulled out a bunch of spring pastel colors. I just grabbed a mix of small and large flowers and some brads. I love layering Prima flowers! I like to stack an assortment and then attach them with a brad. Once all that was done I adhered a line of flowers to extend past the ribbons on both sides. 

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inspiration using Gwen Studios Ribbons. 

Gwen Studios Ribbons are available exclusively at Wal-mart. 
You can shop for them online and in person. 

DIY Cheerleader Style Bow with Sublimation Markers


Little Girls Bow
Yes, I know we are barely past Valentine's Day, but as a crafter I am already looking ahead to St Patrick's Day. Have you ever wanted a way to dress up a cheerleader style bow? I have! So I grabbed some Artesprix Sublimation Markers and got to work. This project was a lot of fun and the little hands helping me out loved it too. 

DIY St Patty's Day Bow

 Supplies Needed:

Sublimation Markers

Start by cutting the copy paper to 2.5 inches. Mark off the design area using a pencil. (Don't use a marker- it might transfer when pressing). 

Use the Black Fine Tip Sublimation Marker to draw the clover design, then fill in with the Clover Green. Add random dots in the design area using the yellow marker. 

Getting ready to heat press

Use the Heat Tape to adhere the ribbon over the design area. Cut a piece of protective paper wide enough to fold over the copy paper making a "sandwich". Make sure both sides are covered. Flip this over so the copy paper is now on top of the ribbon (closest to the heat plate).

Press with your heat press of choice. 

DIY Cheerleader Bow

There are lots of ways to make a cheerleader style bow. This video is my favorite- she shows just how to do it! It's kind of awkward the first couple of times you try, but it is really pretty easy with a little bit of practice!

Sublimation Ribbon

So, trying to get a great photo of a hair bow on a wiggling 7 year old is hard y'all! This was the best out of about 40 shots! She is so silly!


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DIY Ribbon Flower Headband


Floral Headband

This month at Gwen Studios the challenge is "Romancing the Ribbon". I decided to make a flower headband for my princess. DIY flowers are so easy to make too. I used a white grosgrain from Gwen Studios which is available at Wal-Mart. 


Gwen Studios


DIY Ribbon Flowers

Start by cutting 4 pieces of ribbon, each 3" long. The process for folding them is easy, it just takes a little practice!  I use the grid on my mats to help me get them even. For the 3" length I line the corner of the ribbon up a shown in the first photo above.  Once I have it lined up, fold the upper cut edge (on the left in the photo) over to line up with the lower cut edge (on the right in the photo). Pick the ribbon up and thread a needle through the bottom as shown. Gather the bottom together, wrap the thread around it a couple of times, then tie the thread off. Repeat 4 more times! (The purple tape is there for the photo only, I don't normally use it!).

Flower assembly

Trim the bottoms of each petal close to the wrapped thread being careful not to cut the thread. Use hot glue to adhere the petals as shown to a small circle of cardstock.  Add a pretty center and you are done!


White ribbon

Ta-da! Look how pretty it is! I love how these flowers look. Imagine a rainbow of ribbon flowers on a headband or pillow! I used hot glue to adhere it to the headband and I added a couple of paper leaves to each side to fill it out. 

Ribbon Flower Headband

I can't wait for the next time the princess visits so she can wear it. I think she is going to love it! 

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Ribbon Wrapped Head Band


Unicorn Headband

Y'all know I love ribbon - and I think everything needs some! I made this cute ribbon wrapped head band for my princess using Gwen using the new Favor Pack of Gwen Studios and a fabulous Unicorn applique. She LOVES all things unicorn at the moment! Trying to get a clear photo of the head band with her dancing around proved to be almost useless. That kid moves!! 

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Glueing Ribbon

I started by wrapping a pink polka dot grosgrain from the Favor Pack around a headband. I think I picked the band  up on clearance somewhere- I have a few of them! Anyway, it was pretty easy to wrap the ribbon around - I tried not to overlap the ribbon. 

wrapping ribbon

I secured each end using my low temp glue gun then trimmed the end flush with the band. 

Grosgrain ribbon

For the bow on top I cut pieces about 4" long from a variety of colors that matched the unicorn. Be sure to trim the ends neatly. Lay out a longer piece of ribbon on your work surface. Place a pipe cleaner (cut in half) on top cross ways, then layer on the pieces of ribbon - FACE DOWN. Bring the ends of the long piece of ribbon up and tie a knot- be sure to get it as tight as you can. When you flip it over, the pipe cleaner should be on the top with the knot on the bottom.  Secure it to the band using low temp glue. 

Ribbon loops

You can make some loops from the ribbons by putting a small dab of low temp glue near the base of a ribbon, then folding the ribbon end over to the glue. Press in place with the end of a paintbrush. I left some plain so the ends would stick up. 

Unicorn Applique

This is where the pip cleaner comes into play! Add a stripe of low temp glue on each half of the pipe cleaner and press the applique onto it. Allow to cool for a few minutes. (yes, I need to clean my mat - I'm just not there yet! )

Childs hair band

This silly princess loved it! And kept shaking her head all over so getting a sharp photo was hard! Anyway,, she loved it and that's what matters, right? 

Ribbon Favor Packs
You can find the Gwen Studios ribbon Favor Packs and Appliques in the 
craft section of your local Walmart or at Walmart.com 

Crafting with Artesprix Sublimation Markers


Sublimation Tag

This month at Designer Crafts Connection we are creating with Artesprix Sublimation Markers. I have seen the products demonstrated at shows but I have never worked with them before. I have to say they were fun and easy to use. 

Designer Crafts

Artesprix Blog Hop

I received a great selection of products to work with. I got to work with a variety of classic colors, pastels, and a woodsy set.  I also got two sets of tags and a set of small, zipper top bags to work with. 

Artesprix has lots of products to work with and a ton of tips on how to  use them on their website

Sublimation markers

I stamped my images using the Sublimation Ink Pad and colored in with markers from different sets. I wanted to see if I could "blend" colors with the markers, so I layered colors on the flower petals and the leaves. 

Before and After Sublimation

Here is the tag after sublimation and the design sheet I used. I was pretty surprised the original design didn't change that much during sublimation. I guess I assumed it would disappear since it was moving to the tag! Nope- it stayed put right where it was.

Sublimation Flower

 Here's a close up of the flower. As you can see I was able to blend colors in the design- but I think I need a bit more practice to make it smoother. I was pretty happy with how this turned out though. 

DIY Craft Bag

My second project was a small take along craft bag for the princess. The transfer was not as crisp on this one- but that was probably my fault. I am pretty sure I shifted the bag during pressing. 

Sublimation Ink

To create this design I used small stamps and colored the ink directly to the stamp itself. This was quite the time gobbler! 

Stamping sublimation Ink

My workspace during this process was a mess! 

Stamped background

Here is a look at my design before I pressed it. It is very random and eclectic and I think my princess with love it. She always brings art supplies when we head out somewhere- so this should be a handy place to store them for her. 

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