The story of The Flamingo Chronicals

How it all began,

I get asked all the time how the name of my blog came about. And my blog is not the only place that I use that phrase - I use it all over the place. The Flamingo Chronicals is a lifestyle my friends. It all started like this,,,,,,,,,

NOTE: No fake plastic flamingos were harmed in the making of this escapade!

You see I have a group of friends, and we refer to ourselves as The Posse (that is just a whole 'nother story) and every year the Posse would take a trip away for the weekend to get away from the husbands and kids. Not that we don't like them you see, but we need a break from them every now and then! So anyway, this one year we were heading out, and Ann and I got this fabulous idea to KIDNAP a flock of flamingos from a yard down the street from her. And no, we did not know these people from Adam. We just decided to steal their flamingos. 

Soooo,, I sat one night and made a ransom sign for the flamingos. Two flippin hours I spent cutting those dang little letters out of the paper for this thing. Here's a look see....
It's real nice if I do say so myself! So anyway, Ann and I waited until about midnight (and after a few drinks) and we snuck off down the road to get the flock. We stuck the a fore mentioned ransom sign in the front yard and stole the flock. We hid them real good until the next day when we were headed out of town. 

Now, in case you were wondering, we treated those flamingos really well! We stopped and fed them lunch and everything!
These are real TEXAS flamingos - they went right for the Whataburger.  So, off we went to meet our friends and let me tell you~ These flamingos lived up to their name of being party animals!!! They were all over town livin' it up!
They even managed to make some new friends while they were out and about!
Now, just to be fair, we did do a little scrapbooking and sent some photos back to the folks that we swiped the flock from. 
And since then, the flock - or at least one member of it- has traveled with us every time one of us has gone out of town. They have been to the deer lease, camping a few times, to Corpus to hang out, to Vegas, to CHA in Chicago - to see Tim Holtz don't chaknow! - to Creative Escape in Arizona, to Florida, and a few others that I forget. Fred the Flamingo was privileged enough to get a seat in the cockpit of a Southwest Airlines flight out west this one time. There is nobody friendlier than the folks at Southwest y'all. 

They are quite the travelers our little flock! And I always send a few  photos back to the folks back home. They probably think we are a bunch of deranged loons - but we are having a great time!

And that is why my blog is named The Flamingo Chronicals.


  1. Sounds like a crazy act and lucky the owners must have been great people to see the harmless fun in the flamingo escapades. I have a huge smile on my face imagining you kidnapping the pink flamingos. What a fun group you must be.

  2. Anita - I love this story and it seems you and your friends have a fabulous time together !! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures with you, your friends and the kidnapped flamingos :)

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  3. WONDERFUL idea to give the dear flamingos their well-earned vacation - and did your "new friends" in the neighborhood mind that their flamingos enjoyed a marvelous time? Too cute!

    1. Hi Donna, we didn't actually know the people that we kidnapped the flamingos from, so we never knew how crazy they thought we were! They eventually moved, so now we no longer send photos :o)

  4. Anita, you and your flock sound like a wonderful bunch! We had some wives do this with the flamingos in Virginia Beach quite awhile ago. We were Navy wives, our husbands were out to was fun. Glad to know the flock tradition has stood strong! LOL