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Creative Escape 2010 - I AM GOING!!!!

How unbelievably cool will this be!!!! The Creative Escape, for those who aren't in the know, is the drop down, coolest, get farthest away from it all, scrap and create until you fall down dead, then get up and do it all again and then have a martini, do a little shopping, get a spa treatment and start all over tomorrow, hell of a good time place to go EVER!!!!  I am so super excited (can you tell?) that I will not last for 5 MONTHS until it is time to go!!! 

So, I put my name in the hat waaaay back in January to see if I would be lucky enough to get to go and guess what??? They computer did it's job and picked my little 'o name out of the hat and I am OFF TO ARIZONA! And - the super best part is ~~~~ I get to INVITE A FRIEND :)  And it just so happens that the mistress of card creating, Janiel  is a close personal buddy of mine (until I show up on her doorstep with Fred the Flamingo - but that is another story and we aren't going to talk about that right now!) so she and I will present ourselves front and center in late August to bask in the collective creativeness of the gathered paper crazy brethren. 

Ok - so here is Fred the Flamingo. The last time Janiel and I were together in one state we were in Vegas at the Memory Trends convention and Fred was makin' friends with the ladies. Wilma was none too pleased with him when we got back home, let me tell you!

So, the second best thing about the Creative Escape 2010 is ,,,,,,,, Teresa Collins is going to be one of the instructors this year. YIPPEE! I just love her paper lines. I cannot wait to see what project she will come up with for us to do while we are there. 

And another of my fav's - Jessica Sprague - the creative mind behind the  Sprague Lab (which is the coolest place on earth to get your info on Photoshop tools EVER) will be there too. 

All in all, this is looking to be ~ by far~ even better than eating homemade tamales. And that is tough to beat! 


  1. YOUR BRINGING FRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL>..........

  2. Of course I will be bringing Fred! How could I leave him at home? He would be so sad!