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My Mecca ~

The Bazzill Warehouse
Oh my!! 
I was in HEAVEN!! ~ paper everywhere! I wanted to pitch a tent and move in. I LOVE Bazzill paper. It is the one I use every time - I love the visual weight of their cardstock, and I love the fact that it doesn't break when you bend it - it actually bends. So I got the chance to shop a little while I was there and I got to take a tour of the warehouse with the owner Doug Jones. 
 Is this the coolest thing you have ever seen???? 

So I am off in a little while to go to the Technique Boutique portion of Creative Escape. We are going to start doing prep work on the projects we will do tomorrow and get freebies from the sponsors of the event. See you tomorrow.  

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  1. OOOOOOHHHHHH,wow,this IS so cool!!what a lot of papers!!!You wre in heaven!!!
    Have a nice day.