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Inside The Box,,,,

I'm Late, I know! I've been working 12 hour plus days and yesterday when I thought I would have a little bit of time, I got called in early for an "emergency" conference call that lasted all of 25 minutes! but I wasstuck at work 3 hours early :( 

On to the very cute Christmas Banner that is going to reside inside my Christmas Box. I have to say,, this was the hardest project I have ever had to photograph! And I wasn't very happy with the end photo of the hanging banner,  but I finally gave up. This is a project that I started at Creative Escape in Jessica Sprague's  Class. It is the cutest thing and I am going to give it to someone for Christmas. This banner is a little over 12 feet long, so finding dryng space has been a challenge :0) Here is a photo of the individual componets
It is made with a photoshop template that I got from Jessica's site. We sized the photos onto the templates and printed out in advance - 12 of them. Then we did journal cards - 12 of them. In class we assembled. Bazzill was so generous as to have pre cut all the little circles so we went pretty quickly. Of course, I had to come home and embellish mine with Prima flowers and ribbon, and ink all the edges. 

Here is all the the circles that make up the banner ~ 
They are all attached onto bakers twine - the cutest thing EVER!

Here is my pitiful attempt to get some sort of picture of the banner hanging. I tried about 4 different ways and, really, none of them looked good. This one looked the best.  It can be hung from the ceiling hanging straight down, or it can be hung horizontally. The person I an giving it to has a great spot to hang it horizontally so that everyone can read the journaling that I have added behind each picture. 

While trying to get a good shot, I had a very cute visitor to my garden this morning. This is an Anole. They are very common here in this part of Texas. At the moment he is brown to match my brick, but he can also turn a vivid green when he wants to. During mating season, he can puff out his throat ~ which turns red ~ to attract a mate. My garden is awash in these very helpful little creatures - they eat LOTS of bugs :0)

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  1. What a wonderful project! I love personalised projects like this.
    Thanks for sharing - visiting from Paper Issues