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Trouble with the internet

Well, I have some very cute stuff to sow today. I made a really cute card to go along with the bags of caramel corn that I sent out today. But,,,,,  I am having internet problems and I can't upload any photos :0(  We lost our connection late last night and when it came back on it has been very slow. I just cannot get my photos to upload no matter what I do! So I give up for the night and will call my internet provider tomorrow and gripe!

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  1. Hello sweets!!!!!! Love the new blog look... I have been having problems with the net also. uhggggggggggg...

    oh yea hey remember that flower/bush that you want to know what the neame of it was??? Well it is a DESERT RED BIRD OF PARADISE. LOL.. so I was right on the note but this is the long name for it.. Caesalpinia Pulcherrima.......WOW now just go ahead and try to say that one!! LOL.. Bird of Paradise it is for me.. hahahah

    hugs.. Janiel