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My refreshed and cleaned out studio

I have redone my room again since this post
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Hello fellow bloggers and I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! There are a few hours left of it and I need to get down to some serious scrappin'. But I wanted to show you my studio - I have spent some time the last couple of weeks purging supplies that have been hanging around far too long. Then I rearranged the space so that I could get a desk in along with my work table. I got tired of moving my laptop around!
Here are the pics, I feel like I have so much space now!!!!
Here is my new desk, I originally had two sets of wooden shelves in that space - just like the shelves that are in the closet. I moved one of the shelves to the closet and gave the other away. I then stacked all my Iris carts in the little bit of extra space left in the closet. Before this space was just wasted, and I kinda chunked stuff back there :) I keep my supplies sorted by project in the Iris drawers - current and future.
These are my shelves that hold my lesser used items. The drawer units in the middle of the room are the best storage I have ever bought. They hold SO MUCH stuff. And the work surface on the top is perfect for my die cutters. All my stuff that goes with the die cutters are in the drawers underneath - right in reach. And I never even have to get out of my chair!

The blank space on the wall next to the wood shelf is where all my Iris carts used to be stacked. Now I am looking for a little table to put there (Ikea here I come!) to keep my Cinch on. My papers fit perfectly in this shelf unit. It is the same as the ones in the closet. My clear stamps are stored on the the wooden holders on the bottom row of the shelf.
My primas are all in the tip out bins on the wall. My sewing machine and all the stuff that goes with it are on the little cart right next to my table. My laptop used to be on that little cart and I had to move it to my work table every time I wanted to use it - you can see why I got tired of that!
And finally - my work table, which is a mess right now because I am in the middle of two big projects. I have a little rolling cart that fits under the table, I keep the things I use everytime I scrap in this. You can also see I have another set of drawer units under the desk - these I keep office supplies in. The albums above my desk are the ones I am currently working in. The albums that I have finished are in the living room so that we can look at them. 

That is it - thanks for taking a tour of my new studio. I feel like I have room again! I am so glad I took the time to clean it out!

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  1. I love those drawers too, they are the Alex drawers from IKEA, right? What is that smaller set of drawers you have on top of them?

    1. They are "The Best Scrapbook Shelf" it is one of their cubes, it holds all of my brads/eyelets/metal findings.