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Texas State Fair

Howdy Ya'll!
From the Greatest State ever, we have the best State Fair - or so we think anyway ;) ! 
I have to share today a book I have made with some random memories of the State Fair of Texas - we are celebrating 125 years this year, so I thought what a great idea to do a scrapbook to go along with that!
Here are some of the photos,,,,
 I have used quite a hodge podge of supplies in this, so I am not even going to name them off. 
I took stuff from all over the room! 
I can say that I started with Teresa Collins blank tab sheets
as the primitive base and went from there.
 I used a magazine article from a few years ago for the background paper here - I knew sooner 
or later I would scrap the State Fair, so I hung onto that article.
 I also committed a crime, I know, by actually cutting up a couple of books to get some 
old colorized photos out of them. But photocopying is illegal.
 Big Tex is the Man!

 You have to go see the Pig Races if you go to the Fair - no two ways about it.
 The Midway and Funnel Cakes are a tradition in out family!

 So one year, my husband goes and invites THE ENTIRE CONTINGENT OF ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE to our house for dinner. Really? They were performing at the fair that year - it must be a cop thing.We had just bought the house and we were not even unpacked yet!
 The USMC Drum and Bugle Corp - they have their own square at the Fair 
because they are there every year.
  Look at that cool ruffle - I sewed this ribbon onto the edge of one of the pages. I have had that ribbon for like a year waiting to use it on something!

Stop back by tomorrow ~ I will be posting a tutorial on how I made the 
fabulous fabric flowers I used in the book.

Also, check out my Facebook page as I will be posting more detailed photos of the book there. 
Thanks so much for hopping by!


  1. Love how you mixed photos, the program and a magazine article-so cool. What a great idea!

  2. Very cool book. On more than one occasion I have cut up books or printed, copyrighted material to use in a layout. But like you said, photocopying it is illegal. Besides, as long as you don't get any monetary gain out of it and don't claim the images as your own, I don't think you're breaking any laws.

    That's really neat that your husband invited the Mounties over for dinner and that a bunch of them showed up.

  3. This is awesome. I think my favorite is the first inside page with the photo on the tabbed folder page. Brilliant. Makes me want to go to the fair!

  4. This mini is simply amazing! It is a true scrap book! LOVE IT! Too funny about cutting up the book so as not to copy it...and about the Mounties! Thanks for sharing-Amanda