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The Crafty Scrapper

Howdy Folks! 
You know, when it is State Fair time, you just have to say that - in Big Tex's 
big deep voice no less!

If you live anywhere in North Texas, you surely have heard of and been to 
the The Crafty Scrapper - it is by far the coolest paper crafting store in the area. 
And I say paper crafting because they encompass far more than scrapbooking. They 
have all kinds of cool stuff in there for all kinds of art. Love the Maya mists that they have
been carrying - very fun to play with. They have some great instructors - if you can get 
down there to take a card class with Frank he does some wonderful things 
with Copics I know. I know Frank from way back in the day  - when he 
used to come to the crops at the J's where I worked. 
The Crafty Scrapper has the biggest selection of Maya Road stuff I have ever seen. 
You should go.
It is where I get my fix. 

Now, mind you, I am not saying all these wonderful things about them 
just because I happened to be featured on their BLOG :O) !!! 
No never!!!
I really do like the store. And how fortunate for me, that in order to get to my
Mom's house, I have to drive right by it~! Well, I do have to get off the highway, 
and drive about 5 minutes, but in the interest of great paper and stuff, what
is a 10 minute detour???? 
So go check them out. And if you are in North Texas, drive yourself right on
down to Waxahachie and take a look see. There are some great places to have lunch,
so you can make a day out of it. 
The Dove's next right next door is wonderful. 
Tell 'em I sent you. 

Have a great week!

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  1. Too bad I live in So Cal ....I would love to visit that store!!