Just a little Icky!! | The Flamingo Chronicals: Just a little Icky!!

Just a little Icky!!

Back in highschool, my Girl Scout Troop had to try MREs 
(or any close cousin) for a badge they were earning.
So off to REI we went to pick some up.
They were not impressed, let me tell you!
I think they got a half a bite each down.
Sadly, I don't remember who made this paper! I know the black and white polka dot is from MME,
the cardstock is Bazzill, I have also used some chipboard pieces I have had
literally forever. I used paint, Inka gold and  heat embossing to color my chippies.
I used a little spray ink on the background paper and I did a little sewing with my machine.
 The journal spot is a Basic Grey stamp.

If you ever get the chance to try an MRE - I would pass if I were you.
Unless there is nothing else available, they are not so hot!!

I guess I should clarify that MREs are Meals Ready to Eat
standard freeze dried meals that are issued to our military men and women in the field.
You add boiling water to them and they "rehydrate" to eat.

Thanks for coming by today.
One more day and I will be sailing in the Caribbean :o)


  1. I don't know what an MRE is but i will take your word that it is icky!
    Have buckets of fun on your trip...Great layout!

  2. This is so cute, it made my day! LOVE the title. I`m also not sure what MRE`s are..but I won`t eat one, lol. Have fun on your trip...take lots of photos! Can`t wait to see the layouts of the vacation!