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Fabric Flower Tutorial

Today I have a really fun flower for you to make. 
There are several steps to this - but they are all really easy and quick!

 [Warning! - Lots of photos :o) ]
Once you get going on these you can make a bunch of them in no time.
You need almost nothing to get started
I used my Sizzix circle die - but all you need is 3-4 circles any way you want to cut them.
some canvas, brads, ink pad, a nail file and a spray bottle of water.

Cut out your circles, I used my Cuttlebug and I usually cut 3 layers at a time
Take one of the circles and fold it in half
and fold it in half again,,,,,,
and keep folding it in half over and over until you get it as small
as you can. The smaller the top of it is the better the next steps will work.
Now you want to add color to the top edge with your ink pad.
I use pretty firm pressure here, you are going to loose some
of the color in the next step.
Now comes the sanding! You can use regular sanding paper for this step, 
but I find it a lot easier to use a nail file instead. Be sure to get all the raw edges. The more 
you sand the more distressed the edges will be. It is up to you. 
When you are done, it will look something like this,,,
At this point you can add a little more ink if you want.
Now, you need to repeat for the other 3 circles. 
I wanted to give mine a little more color, so I used a spray ink.
This is where the spray bottle of water comes in as well. 
Getting the layers damp will let you shape them some. So give them a good 
spritz then crumple them up.

Spread them back out a little, stack them up and use a brad to keep them all
together. A paper piercer is helpful to get a hole in the enter for the brad to
go thru. Or a Crop-A-Dile.
Once you get going, these are super easy to make. I made these 5 flowers in like10
minutes. Really. Two are canvas and 3 are paper. This is a great way to use up your 
paper scraps. I Don't fold the paper ones up like the canvas circles,
 just ink the edges, spritz with water and crumple.
 I sprayed a couple of these with Tsuineko's Shimmer Spritz for a little sparkle.
I hope you give these a try! There are so many great ways 
to play with this method. 


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