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blogger - it is a love/hate relationship somedays!

Can anyone explain to me PLEASE why my footer has suddenly decided 
to take up residence in the sidebar of my blog????? Anyone at all???
I would love you if you could. 
It was very happy in it's own little world down there at the bottom of the page.
It had lots of room. 
The picture was sized exactly so - and specifically for that spot I might add.
And just yesterday I was scanning thru my blog and what did I see?
Why it was my footer - IN MY SIDE BAR!
But not all of my footer mind you,,, oh no. 
Only part of it. Did I mention above that the photo was sized just right for
the space at the bottom of the page.
Even in Bloggers evil status, it still knows this.
How can I tell???? I am glad you asked.
I know this because Blogger is only showing about one quarter 
of the photo!!!!!
So off to my layout I go to correct this misbegotten error.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear???
Why it is my footer, right at the BOTTOM of my template - 
exactly where it should be!!!
So why, oh why,,, I ask you, is it showing up in the side bar!!!!
It is the conundrum of this century. 
I tried moving it around.
No luck.
I tried installing a new footer.
Guess where that one went?
You got it baby!!!!
Right on the side bar - even though in my layout diagram it shows
it right there at the bottom of the page!!!
Did someone say Jack Daniels?? 
Why thank you, I believe I will have some. 
How very kind of you to think of me in my time of need.
I tried to delete and re-install the footer.
Right back into the side-bar it went.
Another shot of Jack? Why, Honey I love you!

Dear Blogger - I realize that you are free for me to use, but that doesn't mean
that I don't have other options. Even if it means I have to pay for them. 
Could you please get it together?
Thank you.

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