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Washi Tape - Frosted Designs FF

Howdy all!! Have you recovered from the holiday??
I am just barely getting there! But I have managed to squeeze in some shopping 
time. Nothing like new products to get you up and out
of the house :o)

Today it is Fabulous Friday over at Frosted Designs and the challenge
this week was Washi Tape. Now, I have a little secret to share,
I did not even own a roll of washi tape until the beginning
of this month. For those of you who saw my Craft Space Blog Hop Post
you might find this a little hard to believe, but it is true!! So I had 
to pick up a couple of rolls at convention!

I bought these great bottles at a garage sale a little while back with the 
intent to use them for storage in my craft room.
The problem is, I can't get the labels off of them. Not even using Goof-Off.
So I decided to cover them up instead.
I also have a bunch of these super cute little bottles from Cracker Barrel. Same problem.
What are they using for glue?????
So I used some cardstock and washi tape to make them a little prettier. 
This little bottle is going to be filled with "Pixie Dust" (really the powder candy from the Pixie Stix) and I am going to send them to my DD2 who is working as a camp counselor in upstate NY this summer.
These are going to be filled with who knows what? Buttons, brads, twine maybe??? 
Something. But for $3 I could not pass them up!!!

So that is my project with washi tape. 
Be sure to hop over to the Frosted Designs Blog and join in on the fun.
The Fabulous Friday challenge is all about using what you have.
Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness Anita...those are just fabulous. What a great idea. Beats scraping those jars!

  2. No washi until recently?! That is shocking. Using it to cover the bottles and jars is brilliant... and they look great!

  3. These are so stinking cute AND clever!!!