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Hi everyone! Today I am here with my post for Craft Storage Ideas  and I have a 
cheap, easy, storage solution for you.

I do a lot of different crafts; sew, paint, crochet, bake, cross stitch - but scrapbooking is my passion. So storage for my ever increasing supplies is a constant work in progress. Today I want to share an idea on storing punches. Lots and lots of punches. In a way that you can see them all, access them easily and keep them with in reach. Even when your punches are all different shapes and sizes.

If you are like me, you started out innocently with a couple of punches. Then a year or so later you had a few more. Then a few years down the line and you have a hundred or so (don't tell my husband!). Where to store them all??? If you have ever been to my blog or looked at my studio - then you know that I firmly believe that IKEA is the mother ship. Seriously. You should go if you can. And buy these $2.99 rods by the cart full. They are the BYGEL Rail 21 3/4"

The smaller version is great for installing on the back of solid doors - remember they are probably going to have a lot of weight on them! They are close enough to the wall that you can hang all brands of punches on them.

There are hanging baskets as well, so you can fit the little bitty corner punches, and those new compact punches in them.

This photo shows a huge variety of brands, and they are all on those same rods. I have these things installed all over my scrap room, with hooks and all kinds of things on them. They are just fantastic!

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  1. I love seeing new organizing ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow! Looks so amazing and soooo tidy! Love it! Thanks for sharing.