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Good morning everyone! -Today is my day to blog over at Craft Storage Ideas andI wanted to share this fabulous idea I saw for storing clear stamps. I have way too many to count - you know those really cute little ones that are so inexpensive that you just can't help yourself and you always buy too many??? Well I must have hundreds. I previously used baseball card holders in a 3 ring binder to hold mine,, but some of them won't fit. Then what do I do with the rest of them??? I don't want them in two places - I want them all together.

I saw this one day while scrolling down Pinterest;

I hopped over to The Odd Girl blog and she has used a vintage Rolodex file to store her small clear stamps.

Perfect, yes?? I will have to check out Etsy to see if I can find one to suit my needs. This one has cards that are 4X6 so it will hold a little bit larger stamp than I can fit into the baseball card holders. There are so many sizes and styles of Rolodex files on the market I am sure I will be able to find something to suit me!

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  1. What a fab idea...I have some in baseball card sleeves, some in a bigger binders, some in 4x6 sleeves...ugggh I hate that it is all mixed up...I have been contemplating a clip it up for acrylic stamps...but it is a lo to spend and takes up a lot of real estate.