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Upcycled Craft Storage - Using what you have!

Hi everyone! Lately I have been seeing lots of really cool storage pieces made with upcycled pieces of furniture. I am really loving this trend and have been on the lookout for a piece or two that I can incorporate into my own scrap room. I haven't found the right piece yet, but in the mean time I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I have found online.

How awesome is this? An old buffet, repainted a hip new color, with the doors removed. There were probably rails already installed in the piece for shelves behind the doors, so all this person had to do was find something else to use for new shelves.

This I love. The next dresser I find at a yard sale for a reasonable price is coming home with me. Take out the drawers, add a fresh coat of paint, add inexpensive clear shoe boxes with labels. How simple is that!

With all of the new paints they have out these days, painting furniture is so much simpler - everyone knows that they have a paint/primer combo, right??? So you can even paint laminate furniture without sanding!!!

How many times have I passed one of these up at a thrift store or yard sale???? Too many let me tell you. I never even thought to make a craft center out of one. Clever. Very, clever.

Seriously,, I know I have seen 100 of these at yard sales. Those old, icky, laminate, fake wood looking china hutches with the screen in the doors - circa 1970. For sale for $50. A gallon of paint and a little distressing and it is perfect for hiding all your craft supplies.

This has got to be my favorite. Take out the top drawer and add a few baskets,, leave the bottom drawers in for hiding your stash. Add a cheap piece of pine that has been sanded down. Paint everything to match = really cute desk. Where have you been all my life??? I think my Mom has some little dressers just like this in her house. If she looks away she is in trouble!

So,, what do you think??? Do you have something lurking in your garage or attic that you can redo with a little paint and time? If not,, be sure to think outside the drab box the next time you are out hitting the sales - that old piece of junk may be just the thing you are looking for! I found all of these ideas on Pinterest - there are plenty more there too. Happy hunting!


  1. these are all great! It really makes me look at old furniture in a different light.

  2. What awesome eye candy! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for following on my blog. I could have sworn I followed you already??!! I know I've visited your blog several times before. But I am now an official follower! :)

  3. Great organization Anita! Magazine perfect!