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Hi everyone, I am here with ideas on button storage. I have some serious button issues. I love some buttons. I collect them whenever I can get them. Craft fairs, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, even in retail stores when they are on sale. I have even been known to buy clothes in resale shops just to cut the buttons off of them! Button issues.

This creates quite the problem with storage. I tried storing them by color, but there are too many color variations within each color, so I wasn't happy with that one. At the moment I have jars and jars of buttons, lined up in my drawer, some sorted by brand and some by theme. It is working for the moment, but I am hoping to come up with a better system. After hitting the web, I have come up with a few new ideas!

I really like this idea,, the jars are small enough to keep one package of buttons in, so that I can keep each one separate. I don't have anywhere to hang them under a cabinet, but I can put them on a shelf.

Little bins like this would fit in the drawer where I keep my buttons now and would make grabbing buttons easier. Just pull the drawer out and reach into the bin!

I bought a whole set of jars just like this at a garage sale earlier this year. They are sitting empty on my shelf just waiting to be used for something - buttons maybe??

This is in no way practical for my needs, but I just had to share it! Look how cut this is!! I remember one of these hanging in my grandmother's kitchen, and I bet your grandmother had one too. Why didn't we all take these off the wall and run with them??? What were we thinking???

This might be my favorite, even thought it looks kind of hodge podge. I have been saving all my glass kitchen jars of late, so I have a pretty good collection in the garage. I think if the lids were all painted the same color these would be super cute. (and isn't that a great button collection??)

There you have it. Lots of ideas for my buttons storage,, I just need to pick one and put it into action!!


  1. Love ALL buttons & love how you store them...TFS

  2. I have mine in jars. I love it as it is such pretty eye candy!