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Die Storage - Creative Storage Ideas

Hi everyone today it is my turn to share a Storage Solution. 
I have quite a selection of dies for a variety of machines. 
Even though I don't use the dies as often as I once did, I still 
cannot part with them. I use electronic means to cut most of my papers now,
 but dies do still have their uses, so keep them I must.

However,,,, since they are different brands,,,, you guessed it - 
they are all different sizes. So I have never been able to come up with a way to store 
them in a manner that is pleasing to my eye and easy to reach and use. I have some
 over on one shelf, a few in a drawer, some over there in notebooks, - you get the drift. 
I would really like some method that puts ALL of my dies in one place, stores them neatly
 and makes them easy to access. Mmmmmm,,, no small order. So of course I hit
 Pinterest, my favorite place on the web right now. This is what I came up with.

CD Boxes and covers
This idea I really liked, the boxes would be fairly inexpensive and could be stacked either on a shelf or counter and labeled easily. Also, I could decorate these if I ever got into the mood, although I am very much a plain box kinda girl so it is doubtful that would ever happen. So far, so good. The drawback - I am not sure if my larger steel ruled dies would fit in these boxes. I will have to see. Also, I know me and I am pretty sure that all my dies would have to be alphabetized within the boxes. That just might make me crazy when I added new dies and had to shift things around.
library tray and magnetic sheets

Now, this little library tray idea I liked in theory. Look how cute it is!! I mean really, who wouldn't want that in their craft room??? My concern is again, my large, thick dies, and dust. Yes, dust. Yes, I am that kind of person. I would have to vacuum this little bugger every other day to keep my sanity. Two dogs and at the moment 4 cats. (my daughter came home from college with one, which we told her NOT to get, and we are fostering a stray with a broken pelvis, so we are temporarily up to 4. sigh) Maybe I could sew a cover for it. Because, again, it is so dang cute!!!!!

Ok, next up,,,
hanging on rod 

I actually have clear envelopes AND the clips from my old Clip It Up to make this idea a reality. And a curtain rod. mmmm,,,, it's a possibility.
sizzlet storage

I have many sets of Sizzlets and in order to save space I took them out of their original package and put them into small, clear plastic bins. But those are no where near as cute or as stackable as these are! I am sure I saw some just like these are Office Depot not long ago. I may have to go and see how much they are :) As for the notebooks, I have my QuicKutz and my AccuCuts dies in notebooks, but they are small notebooks made just for each brand. I want symmetry. I want it to look neat on the shelf. Even though there are two types of storage going on here, it still looks neat.
alex drawer unit
Last, but not least, we have an Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA (and we all know that I love those!) with the dies stored in the drawers. I am not sure that I like how these dies are loose in the drawers. However, I know that IKEA makes Alex units with deeper drawers and maybe some of the storage I have shown above would fit into the deeper drawers? Interesting,,, veerry, interesting. Maybe two Alex units side by side with my dies in the drawers and my machine on top?? Mmmmm,,,,

I obviously need to do some shopping! So that is it for me today! This is also my last post as a contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas. I have had a wonderful time with Rebecca and the whole team and am sad to move on. However, my schedule has gotten a little crazy and I had to let a couple of things go :(

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
May The Flamingos Be With You :)

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