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Painted Background Tutorial - Frosted Designs

Hi everyone, today I have a a project and a tutorial
to share with you using the fabulous

Have you bought one of these for yourself yet??
What are you waiting on? They are awesome!

Here is a look at my layout
Everything here is from the kit, except for the cardstock. 
I like to add fun texture to my background papers and a great
way to do that without adding a lot of bulk to your page is to use paint.

I mixed the cream and blue paint in the kit on my craft mat.
Now, this can get a little messy. I cut a piece of the mesh, and stuck it in the paint.
Then I used the same craft stick I mixed the paint with to rub the mesh into the paint and
make sure that it was loaded. I am not too worried about getting all of it covered.

 I use my tweezers to move the mesh to my paper, then I place 
a piece of scrap paper on top of the mesh and press down. The scrap paper will 
allow you to get a good transfer without
1. getting it all over your hands
2. smearing the paint all over the paper
Pick up the scrap paper, then pick up the mesh and repeat. 
or you will get paint from previous transfers. 

Here is what my background ended up looking like
Set aside to dry for just a few minutes and you are ready to go!

I inked some of the buttons from the kit, tied floss through them and
used them as a banner. All the other paper elements were fussy cut from
the papers.
I absolutely adore this ribbon that was in the kit! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope that you
give this technique a try. It is messy, but fun!



  1. What a cool layout. Love the added texture using the paint and mesh.

  2. What a pretty layout. Thanks for showing how you made the mesh background. Wonderful!

  3. Anita, I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit your blog for a long time. Here is so much to see. Your layouts are so beautiful. All this amazing details on them and fantastic design. You are so talented.

  4. is truly amazing! Love all that you do to make your layouts so incredible.

  5. thanks for the tip about creating backgrounds, Anita! Looks fabulous! I imagine your garden looks fabulous, too! hope you are feeling better, Anita! hugs, de

  6. Beautiful details, Anita - love the little tutorial on the mesh! So cool!

  7. The mesh technique look great. Such a lovely area of your garden you have created.