My Favorite Chipboard Projects- because we all know I love Chipboard! | The Flamingo Chronicals: My Favorite Chipboard Projects- because we all know I love Chipboard!

My Favorite Chipboard Projects- because we all know I love Chipboard!

Hey blogging buddies! Is everyone getting over the 
post holiday slump?? Slowly but surely we are getting there.
I think. Maybe?? YES! 

It's a new year, new things to do, new places to go.
(38 days until the Caribbean Crawl, Y'all !)

Here are my top 10 chipboard projects, in no particular order.

The Last Christmas for Frosted Designs
This photo is so special to me- one of the last with my Grandmother and myself together.

My Noel Christmas Banner for Faber-Castell® Design Memory Crafts
Too bad I don't have this banner to look at- DD1 swiped it the minute she
laid eyes on it. I need to raid her office, that is where all my banners end up!

Snapshots of a Good Life
This layout is fairly simple as my layouts go, but I rarely scrap with so little color, I almost
NEVER scrap with black/white and this is such a cute photo of DD1!
Isn't she sweet??? Yeah- then she grew up. Trust me on this one. 

Chasing Seagulls
One of my all time favorite layouts- my silly daughter, the day before she 
graduated college. We spent part of every summer in Galveston, TX on the beach and 
every year she tried to catch a seagull. Well, she went to college for 4 years in 
Galveston too (yeah, hard times, I know) and she chased seagulls the whole time.
She never gave up hope that she would catch that dang bird!
And that is the way she lives her life. Right now she is headed for 
Dutch Harbor, AK- she flies out Wed , and from there she sets sail for
the middle of the Bering Sea. She will be out there for 3 months doing research.

A Love Beyond Measure
Soooo,, we told the kid not to obtain any pets while she was away at college.
You can see how well that worked.

Paradise at the Beach
The view from my beach chair- staring out at the ocean in Belize. Yep, paradise.

Road Trip Mini Album
I love to take plain ol' chipboard and make fabulous mini albums out of them. This 
album was for my daughter and her friend - they were road trippin'.

I Adore You
See the kitty,,,,, yeah. 

Vegas Baby!
Every trip to Vegas must include a visit to the Flamingo Hotel. 
One day I will figure out how to kidnap these babies and bring them home
in my luggage. Just saying.

You Are Such A Joy
Alligator Dentist- do you remember that game? When our girls were young we had all these travel
games for them to play in the car- this was one of them. Somehow it ended up at my Mom's house
and it has become a tradition to play it there every time our family gets together. This is my
beloved Aunt, not long before she passed away. She was one of the happiest people
I have ever known in my life! This picture just shows her joy.

That's my top 10!
I have seen lots of lists going around this month.
What is your list? 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.
May The Flamingos Be With You!

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  1. oh my...look at all your fabulous layouts! So much to see, you truly have an incredible gift.