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New Additions to my Studio - Deflecto Craft Solutions

Good morning to all of my blogging friends.
This morning I want to share some new storage I have just added to my studio.

If you have ever taken a look at My Studio, then you know I love to organize!
I like for everything to be in it's place, I do NOT like clutter, and every item has to go back to 
it's proper place after each project is completed or I simply cannot function.

I used the Interlocking Tilt Bin 5 Bin Unit to hold my most used Spray Inks.  The bin sits on the back of my table just off my mat so it is easily within reach. Each bin holds 5-6 depending on size, and since I can see right through the front I don't have to hunt for the one I want. The bins are tall enough to accommodate a wide range of brands too.

The Carousel Organizer 3"/6" Set comes with more canisters than I am using here. I wanted to use the carousel to clean up all the little things that were loose on my desk and to get rid of all the individual containers. 
So I removed the lids from the bins, and filled them up with all the things that had been cluttering up my desk top. Since it revolves, everything is easy to get to, but nicely contained in one spot!

The 6 Bin Unit I used on m desk so keep all the little bits and pieces over there neat and contained. Again, I was able to get rid of several individual containers, which makes my desk seem so much less cluttered!

I also used one of my fabulous acrylic frames from Deflecto to make a cute To-Do List for this area. I used some vinyl tape around the edges, added some stickers, and then just slide a plain piece of copy paper into the holder. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Have a fabulous weekend



  1. You sound like me - I love to organize almost as much as crafting. Love your storage bins and your to-do calendar looks great.

  2. Wonderful organization !~!!! Great ideas !!