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Halloween Goodies using Deflecto

Howdy everyone! It is almost time for the mini spooks to come out, are you ready? 
I have some special people to give goodies to this year and wanted something fun to dress my trays up with this year. I had some fun new things from Deflecto Crafts to play with and inspiration struck!

First off, I never had a ay to get my recipe up off the counter where I don't splatter everything under the sun on to it- that drives me nuts. Because I am such a messy cook, I always copy the recipe from the book and use the photocopy to actually cook from. I am always looking for a way to hold it at eye level near my mixer.

I pulled out the VersaGrip Spring Sign Holder from Deflecto and clipped it right onto my mixer. Perfect for holding my recipe at eye level!!

Next up I needed something to decorate my popcorn boxes so I grabbed the Flexible Sign Danglers and wrapped them around my bags. I had something special I wanted to add to them- did you notice that the ends are self adhesive??

I bought these candy eyeballs because they are just the cutest things I have ever seen! 
They are perfect to add to the ends of my danglers to finish off the boxes.

 I always like to label the goodies on my trays so I added the Supergrip sign holders to the tray on the inside to hold my tags. These amazing little things are self adhesive as well and snugly hold a single sheet of paper. 

Here is a look at the tray all dolled up- super cute yes? 
I have a couple more to do and then I am off to deliver them in the morning. 

Be sure to stop by the Deflecto Craft Facebook Page to see all the fabulous 
things our Ambassador Team is doing.


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