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Vintage Easter Eggs

Howdy everyone, today I want to share a fun project that I am so happy with! I am planning several projects for Easter Decor this year and I wanted to start with something that was QUICK!

How cute are these?? I am in love with them. I used paper mache` eggs, vintage book pages, and Modge Podge. Tear the pages into small pieces, apply Modge Podge to the egg using a paintbrush, and add paper one piece at a time. I used my fingers to smooth the paper pieces on, until the whole egg was covered.  I used a wet wipe to blot an excess Modge Podge off - I applied it very heavy!

I added a band of lace around the egg, then wound some thin crochet thread around it several times. I added a charm to each one before tying the thread into a bow.  A little bit of pretty stuff onto each one finished them off.

I have a few more to make for some other projects and I hope they all turn out as well as these!

Thanks for stopping by today. What are your Easter crafty projects?

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