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Spring Spruce up - Moss Balls

Hi everyone, hope you are having a fabulous week. As winter moves away and spring is in full bloom, I always feel the need to bring greenery and flowers into the house. I just love spring- everything comes alive and is beautiful!

Today I have a fun project using Smoothfoam Balls to share with you. This project took me all of 20 minutes and gave a fun perk to my hearth.

I normally keep some ivory candles on these, but I thought they needed a little more color for spring.

I used 3 3/8" Diameter Smoothfoam Balls, some cheap moss from the Dollar store, Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue and some ribbon.

Apply the glue to the Smoothfoam Ball (it is THICK) and then press bits of moss into the glue until you have the whole ball covered. Don't worry about trying to make an even, smooth layer. We are going to give it a haircut in a bit.

The ball in the center has been trimmed to make it pretty. Let them dry for a few minutes, then take a sharp pair of scissors and just trim away any bits that are sticking out. Keep moving the ball around until the moss is pretty even- checking for bare spots as you go. If you missed a spot, now is the time to add a little more glue and moss.

I added a simple bow on top of each, securing with a pearl head pin. Easy peasy.

Be sure to check out the Smoothfoam Blog for lots of great projects.

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