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Easiest Handmade Flower Ever - Seriously

So I got a lot of comments on my flower from a post earlier this week. This is a super easy handmade flower - and I promise you can make one too! Or ten or 15,, whatever.

Every flower you make will come out a little different, which is great because in nature there are no two flowers that are ever alike. Perfect!

  • cardstock (I used French Vanilla from Bazzill, which is my favorite color from them, ever, and a random scrap of pink) 
  • a water mister
  • ink
  • two small flower punches. I used my McGill punches from wwwaaaayyyyyyy back in the day. WAY back there. The stone ages. Seriously. You know the ones I am talking about. You know you probably have some too, so no judging. This is a judgement free zone :)
  • Beacon 3-N-1 Adhesive

Anyway, you want to trace 2-3 circles in graduated sized on your cardstock, then cut out with a jagged edge. Do NOT try and cut a perfect circle. I actually wiggle my paper back and forth as I cut it so the edge is rippled. Then you want to cut 6 small notches into each one. Here's the easy method
  1. Cut one notch
  2. turn the circle around and cut another notch directly opposite, you now have two "halves"
  3. visually divide one half into thirds and cut notches there
  4. repeat on the other half
Now punch some layers with your flower punches - for this one I used one large 5 petaled flower and 4 smaller ones.

Ink everything up - I like to use VersaMagic from Tsukineko because it is an opaque ink that gives a vibrant color.  Now give al the petals a LIGHT spritz with water. LIGHT spritz. Do not saturate the paper.

 Fold each one of the layers up as shown in the third photo above. Start by pinching them in the center and then folding all the sides together until they form a sorta cone shape. I like to roll the cone between my palms to really crumple the paper.

Carefully unfold each layer, leaving one of the smallest layers in the cone shape. You don't want to flatten the layers, you just want to unfold them. Allow to dry. Start gluing the layers together from the bottom up, making sure you stagger the way the petals line up.

Using your Beacon 3-N-1 adhesive, start gluing from the bottom layer up, using a small amount of glue for each layer. Add some stickles around the edges of your petals and allow to dry.

Ta-Da! Sit back and admire your flower!

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  1. Cool beans!! I am going to give this a try! Thanks for the inspiration!