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Craft Tilt Bin Wall Storage from Deflecto Crafts

This month I was very happy to receive in my box from Deflecto Crafts two more sets of the Tilt Out Bins. I received one each of the Craft Tilt Bin 5 Drawer and Craft Tilt Bin 6 Drawer. (There are two sets of each shown here, for a total of 4 sets.) I have long loved these storage bins and have used the for my Prima Breeding Program (see my blog post here for more on that)

I have recently acquired a good deal of paint and mixed media supplies. I was looking for a way to store them. I wanted them to be visible, and easily accessible, and close to hand when I wanted to work with them. Quite a tall order. By removing several of the actual bins from the units, I was able to get all of that and more.

I attached the 5 bin units to the wall using screws. Because the units are interlocking I was able to attach the more shallow 6 bin unit underneath. This allowed me to have a deeper "shelf" on the top for more storage! One of us is clever - I'm not sure it is me or the folks at Deflecto. Maybe both???

I utilized one of my Interlocking Storage Organizers to hold my paintbrushes and other tools. It fits perfectly right on top of the bin, next to my little Flamingo Garden.

 Deflecto products are available through local art, craft, and educational stores, in addition to online retailers such as,, and Scrapbooking Made Simple. To find a local retailer, click HERE and enter your zip code to see where you can purchase Deflecto Craft products near you.

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  1. I LOVE the look of these products and am planning on starting my stash of them when my taxes arrive! I am looking forward to corralling my HUGE paint collection, gessos, embossing pastes and decoupage products! To have them out and readily available at a moment's notice is going to be AMAZING!! Thanks for the review!

  2. Looks like your little storage cubbies are almost about full over there! What are you going to do when you start to need more room? The crafters collections or paints and media will never be complete you know! Best to have some sort of expansion plan at the ready huh?