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New Years Organization and Storage

craft storage drawers and cubes
It's a brand new year and if you are like me that means you have been bit by the organization and storage bug! The new year means a fresh start for me and I like everything to be clean and organized. The amazing products from Deflecto® are perfect to get your craft room in order.

I used the 4 Drawer Stackable Cube Organizer to hold some bits and pieces that I use frequently but are odd shaped. The drawers remove and go right to my work surface for easy access.  I used a punch to add labels to the front of each drawer.

I used another Stackable Cube Organizer to hold a collection of envelopes and tags. I love to make journals and I collect odd pieces to include in them. These little bits are hard to keep neat looking but the Open Cube keeps them contained and looking pretty on my desktop!

I also have a set of the Interlocking Stacking Tower Organizers here - I have separated them and am using them to hold my brushes, pens, and other supplies.


  1. Getting some sort of compartments is always a very nice way of getting your storage in order. Just the idea of things being neatly put away into it's own proper space is enough to make a room look less cluttered and clean! Do remember to get assorted sizes to fit all sorts of different things when you start stocking up on storage!

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