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The Best Marker Storage Ever!

Best Marker Storage

Hi everyone! Today I want to show off the new Interlocking Marker Organizer from Deflecto. This is seriously the BEST marker storage ever. I have a LOT of markers. Really. I am always looking for a great way to organize and store them. These are amazing!

You can fit 6 of the marker units in one Stackable Caddy Organizer. They are interchangeable with the clear bins so you can customize your storage. The Stackable Caddy sets use the "lift and lock" feature so you can just grab the whole stack and go. They are perfect for going to crops or retreats.

I have the full set of Tombow markers and storage for these has always been an issue. Because the inserts are a soft, flexible, material, I am able to fit TWO of these slim markers into each slot!

Since the inserts are flexible you can also fit big FAT markers in them! We all have that one set of giant markers that won't fit in anything, right? Well, guess what? They went right in there!

The inserts also work beautifully on your desktop. The dovetail design allows you to interlock the units together in pretty much any configuration. You can stack them up in towers, even make bridges with them. Whatever takes your fancy.

Did I mention interchangeable? Here I used 3 marker units and two clear containers. Fair warning - if you take your Stackable Caddys to a crop, be prepared to defend them! Everyone will want them.

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