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Super Mom Treat Holder

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Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we all know a Super Mom who deserves a treat. This fun Treat Holder made using the Deflecto® 2 Drawer Stackable Cube Organizer is just the thing to brighten that Super Mom's day. Fill it with some fun treats and you have a ready made gift.

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube
I started by grabbing one of the hundreds of 6 x 6 paper pads I have in my studio. Don't judge, you know you have a bunch too. They are the perfect size for decorating this line of fun storage cubes. Just a slight trim and the paper fits perfectly!

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube
I used an Eileen Hull die from Sizziz for the label on top of the cube, layering two of them with foam tape in between for some added dimension. I inked the edges of all the papers before adhereing to the cube.

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube

I used a variety of flowers to trim the label on top. These are all from I Love Roses - they have great products if you have never used them before! I adhered everything down using a low temp hot glue gun - super quick and easy.

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube
For the front of the drawers themselves I added more patterned paper from the same 6x6 pad and more paper roses to finish the project off. I filled it with some tasty chocolates and it is ready to go!


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