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Through the Looking Glass Paperweight

Through the Looking Glass Paperweight.
Hi everyone, today I have a super cool product from Deflecto Crafts to share with you. I made this Through the Looking Glass Paperweight using the Large Acrylic Display Block and some supplies I had in my studio. I am the Director of the local Girl Scout Camp and this year our theme is Alice in Wonderland. One lucky volunteer will be getting this as a thank you gift in their goody bag :)

Throught the Looking Glass PAperweight
The Large Acrylic Display Block is 4" x 4" x 1.5". (There is also a smaller block that is 3" x 3" x 2") I only needed to add some foil stickers I had from a previous project and who doesn't have a ton of ribbon hanging out in their craft room??  Seriously,, go grab these supplies and let's get started.
Go ahead,,,I'll wait.

Throught the Looking Glass Paperweight
 Look how cute that little mushroom is! Because the acrylic block is fairly deep I knew I could put stickers on both sides and play off the dimension of the block. If you have little kids this is a great way to throw some STEM in their day - just saying.  I added the large sticker on the front with a couple of little bitty leaves, then turned it around to add some fun to the back. 

Through the Looking Glass Paperweight
I added more leaves and a couple of fun dragonflies to the back of the block. 

Through the Looking Glass Paperweight

When you look through the front, it looks like my dragonflies are way off in the background - it's magic y'all!  

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