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Bat Juice Potion Jar

Bat Juice Potion Jar
I love Halloween! And I love to decorate for Halloween. Every year I like to create a few new projects to add to my collection. This year's project is this fun Bat Juice Potion Jar made using a Dollar Tree glass jar.

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So, first up I etched the jar. Super easy to do. Grab your etchall® and let's get started.
hinge method of applying vinyl
Cut your mask, line up on the bottle, and put some tape down the middle. This way I could line it up and place one side while the other side was still stationary. Bam. Perfect placement. 

applying etching creme
Add some masking tape all around to keep the etching creme in place and add your creme. Let it sit 15 minutes, then scrape it back into the jar. Rinse under cool running water and dry. Remove the stencil.

Drink Me halloween sign
Next up, let's add some fun stuff to it! For this project I have use the Flexible Sign Danglers and the Mini Slanted Sign Holder from Deflecto, Joy Embroidered Letters. I used some vintage Doodlebug Designs paper for the inside of the frame and added some 3D decorations to the outside of it. I used a Flexible Sign Dangler to fly my bat. FUN!
I ran the letters through my mini Xyron machine to get them to adhere to the etched area of the bottle, then added another felt bat (from Hobby Lobby, y'all) below them.

Flexible sign dangler
I also used a Flexible Sign Dangler to attach another flying bat to my potion bottle. These little sign danglers are so easy to use in so many ways! I added twine, a paper flower and a brad to the top of the bottle to finish it off.


  1. Cute idea. Good tutorial and pictures! Thanks...Barbee

  2. PS.....You made a good well around your stencil protecting your bottle!!