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Blue and Gold Etched Glass

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cobalt and gold glassware
I absolutely LOVE the color combination of blue cobalt blue and gold. I always have. There is just something super classy about it and it looks great for any occasion. Glass etching is a great way to create your own blue and gold glassware at a fraction of the cost that it normally sells for. I picked up these pretty blue glasses at the Dollar Tree and used etchall® etching creme to create the design on the glass.

etching stencil
TIP: after cutting my design using my Silhouette Cameo and etchmask® I use a little craft puff and some craft chalk to bring out the design. Just rub the chalk over the mask and the design will pop right out. This makes it so much easier to see the design and place it on your glass.

etched glass
Transfer the stencil to the glass, weed the design, and then use masking tape to create a well around the stencil to keep the etching creme from running. I don't know why I NEVER etch flat surfaces. Seriously,, I need to work on that.

etching creme
Apply a thick coat of etching creme and let it sit for 15 minutes. Scrape the creme back into the jar, and rinse the glass, gently rubbing the stencil to get all the creme off.  LEAVE THE STENCIL IN PLACE.

gold painted glass
Sorry - I forgot to take a photo of the plain etched glass! I love using Rub N Buff on my etched pieces. It is an easy way to add bright color to the piece and it is permanent once it has cured for a day or two. So,, with the stencil still in place,,, use a finger to apply a small amount of Rub n Buff over the etched area and rub in. Use a dry cloth to buff away the excess,, then carefully remove the stencil.  That's it!

To see the whole family of etchall® products check them out here. Also be sure to check out the etchall home page for more fun projects and great tips.


  1. Absolutely lovely!! I am like you, I love the blue and gold combination. Kudos once again Anita!!

  2. Oh! You add Rub n' Buff with the stencil still in place! THAT little tip will save me some time! Beautiful glasses Anita1