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Handy Quilt Supply Storage

Baby quilt fabrics
I have two babies that are waiting on their quilts and I have finally gotten a chance to get started on them. I love little baby quilts- they are so sweet and colorful. The make me think of fresh beginnings and renewal. There is nothing sweeter than a squishy new baby!!

Look how cute these fabrics are! I am so excited to finally get to play with these. They are from several different lines but I think they look wonderful together. I bought more patterns than I normally would for this project because I am making two quilts. I wanted the quilts to look similar but still be unique. I think I am going to differentiate them by only using one color of the honeycomb pattern on each quilt. 
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Fabric storage
I like to use 2" strips and blocks on baby quilts so I start by cutting 2.5" strips X WOF from all the patterns I am using. I adore this honeycomb pattern- it just makes me happy!  I like to keep my supplies for each project in a Deflecto® Stackable Caddy. It is so easy to keep everything in one place and organized while sewing. The Large Caddy Container is perfect for holding fabrics. I can fit 10 one -yard pieces in the container which is perfect for me! 

notions storage
Once I have cut my WOF strips I like to cut them in half using my pinking shears. I keep my shears and other tools in a second Large Caddy Container with the Caddy Storage Tray. It's so handy to be able to pick the tray up and move it where I need it. It holds my pins, extra thread, clips, and other supplies I use while quilting. 

Getting straight seams
Because I can never seem to get a scant quarter inch seam I like to mark it on my machine using low tack tape. This really keeps me in line! I sew the strips together randomly using a scant 1/4" seam in sets of three. That will allow me to make an easy nine patch quilt without worrying about placing each pattern individually. 

Packing up supplies

When it is time to pack up for the day - because my husband has this thing about eating dinner every night!- it can put both of the Large Caddy Containers back in the caddy organizer and easily move everything off my counters for the evening. 

Here are the products I used for this project;
Deflecto® Large Caddy Container
Deflecto® Stackable Storage Caddy
Deflecto® Caddy Storage Tray

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