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Etched Glass Snow Globe


Etched Glass Snow Globe

I love snow. Like really love snow. We almost never get fluffy snow here in north Texas though. So I compensate by making snow crafts 😁  I picked up this cloche at Homegoods a while back and knew I wanted to make some kind of lighted globe with it- Snow Globe!  I used etchall® etching creme and a few supplies from my studio to get it done. 

etchall etching supplies

For this project I used supplies from etchall®- which are all available in the Bee-ginner Etching kit!

  • etchall® etching creme
  • detail pick tool
  • squeegee
  • transfer paper
  • etchmask™ vinyl

Etching stencil

I love using my Cameo 4 to cut my etching stencil from etchmask- it is so easy!  I always like to see exactly were the cut lines are on my stencils. I use some craft chalk to go over the lines and then wipe the excess away. A little bit of chalk colors in the lines and lets me keep track of them to make sure I position my stencil as I want. 

Surface Prep

After applying the etchmask it's time to weed out the area to be etched and tape off the areas you don't want to be etched. I am a messy crafter- so I always use masking tape around the edge of my stencil to make sure I don't accidentally get the etching creme in any stray areas. 

frosted glass

Apply a good coating of the etching creme and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Scrape the creme back into the jar (it's reusable!) and rinse in cold running water. Don't worry- water deactivates the creme so it won't hurt your pipes! I removed the top and bottom portions of the stencil and left the middle section in place so I could color the words in. 

colored etched glass

I used Prima ReDesign Wax Paste to color the words in. I like to leave the stencil in place for this, so I don't have to worry about stray paste. It won't stick to the non etched glass, but it just makes clean up easier! The ReDesign Wax comes in a wide variety of colors - so you can have lots of fun with it!

Glittered Glass

So, since I was working on a snowflake I really wanted to add some sparkle to it. I have never applied Stickles to etched glass before but I love how it came out! I used Icicles - that's my favorite one of all time- and applied a thin coat all over the etched snowflake. It took about 30 minutes to dry and it is super sparkly now!

embellished cloche

I grabbed a stray bottle brush that I had laying around the studio and wrapped it in some fairy lights. The little mini deer is left over from a different project so I through that little guy in there too. The base is a wood slice from the craft store and a piece of white felt cut to fit. 



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