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Halloween Fun with Dreaming Tree


Halloween Fun
I was recently given the chance to work with cut files from The Dreaming Tree and I had quite a bit of fun with them. These Halloween party favors are so fun! The team over at DCC Designer Crafts Connection had a great time making some amazing projects using The Dreaming Tree files. 

Be sure to hop over to the DCC Blog and check out the amazing projects that we all made. 
Sorting Layers
I have never worked with files from The Dreaming Tree before so I was excited to check them out. I liked almost everything about the files. They were well put together, sized correctly so assembly was a breeze, and wonderful instructions. Each project comes with a sheet showing all the components/layers of the project along with their cut size. This was pretty cool. 
 I started by cutting all the pieces for my projects and sorting them on the corresponding menu sheet. It was pretty handy being able to check off the pieces to make sure I had them all cut. 

Glueing Layers Together

I inked each layer and glued pieces together where needed. I recently ordered these mini bottles of glue from Scrapbook.com when they were on sale. I loved the small size and tiny tip for gluing itty bitty pieces together. I also added foam tape to all the layers where called for.  

Halloween Party Favors

I love how these turned out! The pumpkin favor is my favorite of the ones I assembled.  I loved the look of the Candy Corn Witch too, but it didn't hold a lot, so that was a drawback.

Pumpkin Treat Box

 I know a certain princess that is going to be getting these for her class party this year! Super cute!

Witch Party Favor

Candy Corn Box

I loved this one too, but I kept trying to pick it up by the hat part, which would just pull the top off. I am certain that 2nd graders will do the same thing! Plus they only held a few pieces of candy, and I like to add small toys in her treat boxes, so I think the pumpkin bag is going to be my pick.

My new helper

Here's a look at my new studio helper. So far she isn't much help but she sure is cute! Her name is Aoiff (pronounced EE-fa), she is 9 months old, and she came to us in April as a foster. Her adoption was recently finalized so I can finally share photos of her. She is such a cutie! She has been so much fun to see settle in. She and Fiona are getting along beautifully.

Dreaming Tree
If you are a fan of cut files, be sure to check out Dreaming Tree
They have some beautiful files and lots of freebies! 

Silhouette Files
The one thing I did not like is that each layer came in an individual file. So for each project I had to open multiple files in Silhouette Studio. I then cut and pasted each layer into the same file so it would be easier for me to work with. 
Color Coordination
Since I was cutting multiple projects at once I moved all the cuts of each color onto one mat in Silhouette Studio. This really saved a lot of paper and reduced my overall cutting time significantly. I had a really great time with these projects and I have a few more to do. 
Don't forget to hop over to the Designer Crafts blog to see all of the projects. They are beautiful!