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Hurricane Ike

 Back at the beginning of September 2008, a tropical storm formed off the coast of Africa, this little storm QUICKLY grew into a monster hurricane, tracking across the warm waters of the Atlantic and headed straight for Texas. Right after it hit Haiti, about a week before it made landfall in Galveston, I told my friends "that hurricane is headed straight for my child". 
Of course, nobody believed me! But sure enough, Hurricane Ike made landfall on Galveston Island on September 13, 2008 in the wee hours of the morning. The school had ordered a mandatory evacuation on Wednesday. I told Heather "get your books and your laptop and get the hell out of there!" I don't think I took a steady breath between the time they called that evacuation and the time Heather made it home. 
A couple of weeks later we had to go and pick her things up from the dorm, since they would have to spend the rest of the semester at another campus. I just finished a small book with the photos I took of the devastation on Galveston Island. It was amazing to see these huge boats in the middle of the road!

I made this album from the Creative Imaginations Inspired Traveler die cut Mini Book. The title letters on he front I had a great time playing with. They are chipboard letters, which I painted with acrylic paint. While they were wet I dropped Liquid Watercolor in pearl white on them and used a brush to blend it lightly. When they were dry I applied to coats of Ranger Distress Crackle Medium. 
I love the effect that the watercolor gave, it mimics the ocean's waves. I also used an acrylic swirl which I stamped to further the wave look.   


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  2. Oh how scary! You did a beautiful job documenting that wonderful mini!!

  3. I like those letters ! Great idea :-)