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The last of the ATC's

and they are off in the mail on Monday. :0) They are due by the 1st ~ so here is hoping that the postman is moving quickly! 
For all of these I have used stuff from my stash. The only thing new is the Tim Holtz fragments, and they aren't really new, but I just haven't used them!
Ok - one thing is new - see the cute little snowman there on the left? I made him with the super cute Maya Rd. pins I bought last month. As soon as I saw them I thought "mini snowmen". This one looks a little french, I am still working on the hat. :0)
This one is my fave I think out of the 5 cards. I love the sentiment (which is a $1 stamp) and I love that I was able to pile a BUNCH of stuff on it. White space is my enemy ~ it should be eliminated at all costs.  And I really, really love that new Websters paper that came out this year. Yummy!

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