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The mess on my worktable

today I have for you a project in progress. It is part of my Christmas decorations for this year. I am all about the paper rosettes - big ones little ones - on my pages, on my gifts, my banners - everywhere. So I decided that I would make a bunch of them (like 50) in all different sizes from all the extra Christmas paper I have (because I am a paper addict and can't stop buying it even though my kids are grown and I don't have that many Christmas pic's anymore) and use them all over the house this year for decorations. Here are a few that I made tonight. They are still in the base stage, they don't have all the decorations on them yet, no ribbons or sticks. But they are starting to look cute. 
 The largest one is 12 inches in diameter and the smaller ones are 8 inches. I made these with the Martha Stewart Score Board made by EK Success. I have to say it is a pretty cool little tool :0)
In a few days I will have a whole bunch of them glittered up, and be~ribboned, so check back for a look at the finished project. 
Have a great week! 

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  1. i hate the mess,buth what comes from it is so so beautiful!!!this is amazing work,i love them!!
    Have a beautiful day!!