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Craft Space Blog Hop

Welcome to the Frosted Designs Craft Space Blog Hop!
If you have arrived from Teresa Jaye's Blog you are on the right track.
If not, you might want to start over at the beginning to make sure you see all
the craft space goodness! 

So here is a look at my craft space! I am very lucky to have my own room, 
outfitted exactly like I want it. I ripped all the flooring out and I have bare cement floors. 
I didn't want to worry about what I might get on it. And let me tell you, I 
have dumped some things on it! 
And let me say thank you so much, to my wonderful hubby, who lets me buy and do
whatever I want. Love you honey!

When you walk in the door this is what you see...

,,,,,my work table, it is an antique trestle table I bought for next to nothing a few years ago. 
I have my little rolly cart with all my most used tools on/in it. The rods across the windows are Ikea curtain rods and S-hooks. I keep all the embellies that I reach for the most on those. My sewing machine is to the left on an Ikea drawer unit.

Next up is my Ribbon Ring - this was the best organizational tool I ever bought. 
It was worth every cent and then some. I love it. 

My desk has my laptop, printer, photo printer, album in progress and a few misc things.

Yes. I did paint all the walls, back when this was DD2's bedroom when we first moved
in the house. There are murals all the way around the room.

Here I have stacked my Iris carts next to some cubicle shelving I have. In the Iris drawers, I
 sort things I am collecting for future projects. One drawer is all Texas stuff, one drawer is 
all my DD's High School stuff, one is all the cards my DH has ever given me, etc. 

Above the closet is my collection of House Mouse stamps. I don't actually
stamp with my House Mouse stamps, I just collect them. Aren't they toooo cute????
Shelves from Ikea (I am telling you - Ikea is the Mother Ship)

This is my wall of shelves. I keep all my lesser used supplies here. These were stamp shelves in a retail store in their previous life. When the company decided to get rid of them, they came home with me. They are so happy here in their retirement years. No obnoxious children hanging or climbing on them!

This is the newest addition to the room - I wanted something to keep my Cinch 
out on - I use it all the time. So off to Ikea I went. This little thing was so cheap.
And very sturdy. Right now it has some things I got at convention on it, but it will
have some baskets on the shelves to hold my Cinch supplies very soon.

So this is my happy place - my PRIMA BREEDING PROGRAM. Someday, the world 
might run out of Prima flowers. If that ever happens, I plan on having enough of them
in captivity to start breeding my own.

I get TONS of questions about these bins! They are made by Deflecto and you can get 
them here. These are some my favorite storage pieces.  

Here is my paper storage, another shelf just like the ones in the closet. It had a former
life in a retail store as well. It is perfect for storing my paper in! 

I love, love, love my Alex drawer units from Ikea. There are three of them here, sitting
so happily side by side. They come with casters, but I wanted a little more height for 
mine, so I took the casters off and put cinder blocks under them instead. They are the 
perfect height now, I just turn my chair around and there they are!
I get a ton of questions on these drawers - the Ikea item number is 401.962.41 and 
you can find them HERE 

I keep tons of things in the drawers, my most used stamps, my inks, die cutting supplies, embellishments,button jars, all my paints and sprays, my punches,,, so many things. 

Last, but not least, is by brad storage. I have issues with brads and buttons. I love this little cube,
I bought it from Best Scrapbook Shelf, and it is wonderful to store my brads in. It holds
HUNDREDS of different little containers of brads.

So that is it! My scrappy space. 
I hope you have enjoyed a look around my studio.

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  1. Anita, this is such a wonderful space! I now know who to call on if I need any primas!!!

  2. WoWzers! Amazing room Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful craft space. Especially like the rubber stamps on shelves & the brad storage. Thanks for giveaway chance.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. What a great space-love how you store all your Prima flowers- wow I thought I had alot of flowers- not Enjoy your scrapbook room I enjoyed the tour.

  5. Great space wish we had an Ikea

  6. Wowzers!!! First off I just have to say I love your prima breeding project!!! I know who to call if there is a shortage or if I need a newly blended mix!!!

    Love your Ikea shelves and drawers (no Ikea in Nebraska boo!!) and your previous store shelves. Also love your bare floor idea ~ no more mystery stains on the carpet!!

    My most favorite part is how you raised your drawers (that sounds funny) and created a counter behind your workspace!!!

  7. I'm in awe of all your shelving space. What a great scrapping space Anita. I just love it!

  8. Wow, what a great space, Anita! I love your "Prima breeding ground", LOL! and I totally agree with you about IKEA - it's like they designed their products with scrapbookers in mind!

  9. Oh Anita... You room is beyond wonderful!!!! Thank you for sharing me your haven!!! BTW.. I was able to go to the Prima Warehouse Sale this year. *sigh* never able to have enough of them..



  10. wow!! you've got a lot of goodies in there, you must have such a fun time working in this room :)

  11. WOW look at all that Prima!!

  12. Cute flamingos! :) Love your drawers and especially that Prima Breeding Colony! How awesome is that!!!! lol....

  13. Good Day Ms Anita! OMG you have lot's of Goodies, love those shelves and drawers. I hope one day i can have plenty goodies like yours :D

    God Bless!

  14. LOL Okay.. first of all I laughed SO out loud at "PRIMA BREEDING PROGRAM" LOL!! That is so AWESOME!! Love my blooms too LOL Your drawers are so awesome. Smart pulling up the floor.. I know what you mean about dropping stuff on the floor LOL Love your space!

  15. WOW, Anita that is a gorgeous space and you've got a ton of stuff packed in there!! :) Your "Prima Breeding Ground" is awesome!! :)

  16. WOW... let me say that again WOW...! Holy cats, that's a lot of flowers!!!

  17. holy WOW Anita !!!!! This space is amazing!
    Your wall'o'Prima ~ *singing* LLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ~ awesome!
    Seriously - gorgeous space and yes, Ikea is da bomb!

  18. Great space, love the Prima Breeding Program - I see the necessity : )
    The Ikea Alex drawers are great, that's what I need more of.

  19. LOL @ your Prima breeding program too funny but so bright and cheery to look at your flower stash is amazing and love your brad stash so jealous
    hugs Nikki C

  20. Gee can I come over and shop!!! Can't believe all that you have!!! Loving all of your Prima goodies!!!

  21. I always love looking around rooms and yours has walls and walls of eye candy! I also keep my brads and things in colors, its a great time saver! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Can someone help pick my jaw up off the ground? Oh my goodness. I have never been to an Ikea before. Lovely space.

  23. Great your Prima wall!

  24. Wow, I love your Alex drawer unit.. What an awesome craft room..

  25. What a great kept going and going! I love all of your storage and have a confession to make...I've NEVER been to IKEA, but that is definitely going to change! Thanks for sharing!

  26. You have a ton of stuff, but it all seems so organized! I love it! Perfect scrap room!

  27. I love how you gave all of that old shelving a place to retire. Tfs your room.
    dmcardmaker at aol dot com

  28. Wow Anita, what a wonderful playroom you have.

  29. OMG!Anita your crafting space is AWESOME!!!Love the Prima Breeding Program!!

  30. It's too funny but when the picture of your "happy place" came up, I think some part of me knew it was a special place and my eyes widened just a little, and then when you called it your Prima breeding ground, I actually LOL! Awesome...can I come play with won't notice any of those flowers missing when I leave either, promise....::innocennt look:: waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  31. I LOVE your Prima wall, I was drooling over it!! Very nice room!

  32. Your ribbon ring is fabulous and I am so jealous of your "happy place."

  33. Wow another great organized area. I wish I could be as well put together as some of these work area's on the hop are. Love the Prima wall, I would call my self a Prima *beep*...LOL...Here awhile back I was a Prima shopping queen. But again love the work area and thank you for taking the time to share it! Christina

  34. OMG so organised, so many shelfs, drawers, nooks and crannies. Love the flower storage and the beautiful vine on the wall. Love all your cute flamingos on the shelves too. Cheers Linda

  35. WOW - can I come and shop!! Its so well organised - I really to need to get more organised - don't have a lot but keep putting things somewhere and then forget where I've put them LOL. TFS

  36. Oh, you look like you own this store and I need to come shopping! :)
    I too would think some of my supplies may need to breed someday! haha!
    Great space, just love the large table, very necessary.

  37. Wow-great room and so organized! Thanks for sharing!

  38. amazing! i love your storage and organizing ideas. i also love that you have a hubby that lets you buy and do whatever you want! i have a {someday} husband like that and it is so nice to be supported in the things we love to do. everyone deserves that! <3 thanks for sharing your room!

  39. Love your organization!!!

  40. An awesome scrap all of your storage and the Ikea drawers would be wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Ikea must love you and you love ikea!! OMG your prima collection is crazy, hihihi, Channa

  42. WOW! That is one well stocked and fabulously organised space!

  43. all those flowers so great very very fun.

  44. Anita your space is awesome! I looove all your shelving and storage! And hoooly prima!!

  45. Thanks for you loving comment about my colourq card this week and wow do I want to come over to play at your place. Wonderful. Mine of course is not that big but and only filled with Stampin' UP! STUFF. LOL! Have a blessed day and love u for stopping by my blog. Hugs,Bev

  46. I love your Bob Ross-esque descriptions of all your "happy little shelves" and such! I bet you can make some beautiful creations in that space. TFS.


  47. Your craft area is utterly amazing! I especially love the incubators you have set up, at the ready, for your future Prima Breeding Program!!

  48. What a simply fabulous crafting space you have Anita. Choc full of amazing goodies. I especially love your Prima Breeding Program fun would it be to browse that wall and choose looks like a candy store!

    Very best wishes,

  49. Wow! Your. Raft room looks like tons of fun! Can I come over? (jk)

  50. Haha, fabulous space, and I absolutely love your Prima breeding ground (that's what made me giggle!) Hugs, Roxy.

  51. great s[ace. I love those Alex drawer units I have those myself

  52. Love the prima breeding program and your brad storage. Sounds like a great husband too!

  53. I agree- IKEA IS the bomb! And seriously loving your Prima breeding program- you definitely have a jump if it does take off. :)

  54. I love love love the Prima Breeding Program!! SO funny and so true!



  55. talk about organized, colorful, and a lot of stock!! I could do some serious shopping in your space!

  56. Your prima breeding program makes me laugh out loud.
    And WOWZER with your entire space. Fantastic Ikea shelves.
    What a wonderful studio. Thanks for sharing

  57. Great craft space, Anita...and yes, I agree with you, Ikea IS the "mother ship" - LOL!! :)

  58. Oh my word, you have the best craft space ever!! It's like you have a whole store to play in ! Love it :)

  59. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
    kisses kisses

    Antonia P. Italy

  60. wow! Love how organized you are! Love the Alexa drawers and that Prima breeding program! Looks amazing! :)

  61. Wow Anita! I want to come shop in your room!! Thanks for the great ideas!! I am loving those ikea drawers! I think I need them!!

    Barb :)

  62. FABULOUS!! It's so comforting knowing there are other OBSESSED crafters like myself...LOVE the Prima wall! TFS
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S