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Craft Storage Ideas- Clear Stamp Storage

Hi everyone, it's my turn to offer a storage tip over at Craft Storage Ideas and today I want to talk about storing all those unmounted stamps that come on the clear sheets. Are you like me and you have hundreds of them? I am so sad, I have sheets of them I have never even used one off the stamps from it! I am working on that though and using them one by one!!

I have wonderful storage cabinets in my studio that I got from a retail store when they retired. I wanted to be able to store my stamps in the cubbies in those cabinets, but I couldn't find anything that would fit my needs. Sooo,, I called my wonderful friend who can build anything - and works for cake- and told him what I needed. Voila! Two weeks later I had a custom solution to my problem. I can store ALL of my stamps in a little bitty space now and have super easy access to them!

Here is a look at my storage shelf with my stamp storage on it. I currently have 6 on here, but only 5 are in use. I have several more in the attic in case I go crazy buying more stamps!


They are sized to hold an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet protector. A lot of my stamps came on plastic sheets that were this size so I was able to slide them right in and put the page protector on the rings. For those that were a different size I bought a package of 8 1/2 X 11 craft plastic at the craft store and used Glue Dots® to stick the stamps on. This was I could display more than one small stamp set in a page protector like the ones below.


I can get about 10-12 page protectors onto each holder depending on the brand of stamps. I have them sorted by theme so I can just grab a holder a flip through to find the stamps I want. Easy peasy.

They are only 3" wide across the bottom so I can fit a lot of storage into a small space- AND it fit into the fixtures I already had- exactly what I was looking for.


And, yes, I do have a serious Prima addiction. I am maintaining a Prima Breeding Program in my Scrap Studio - if they ever stop making Prima's I want to have enough of them to breed in captivity ;)

Prima Addiction

That's it for me today but be sure to hop over to the Craft Storage Ideas blog
to check it out. There is always something new going on there!

May the Flamingos be with you!


  1. Love your custom storage idea! Can you tell me the dimensions of your cool holders?

  2. The sleeves that they hold are 8.5 x 11, so that should give you an idea. Unfortunately I have these holders packed up right now and can't measure them. I am moving my studio around, again.