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Craft- Interupted The December Chaos

Howdy everyone! It has been a while since I blogged I know. It seems like I have been running around like a crazy person for the entire month of December.  Here is a look at the chaos- I hope your month was amazing.

First off, I decided to get new floors installed at Thanksgiving. (This is a bad idea- you should never do this, trust me!). So 2/3 of the house had to be packed up and moved into the remaining 1/3 of the house. LOTS of fun, let me tell you!

Here is the back dining room piled high with all the small furniture that could be moved easily.

Here is the living room after day two- the bedrooms and most of my studio furniture were shoved in here.

And here is most of my studio supplies- boxed up and piled in the spare bath.

On the upside- the new floors look really nice! Everyone say hello to Spanky dog, my old man poochy.

We used to have some awful, old, parquet in this entry area. So glad to see that stuff gone!

So the day after the finished the floors, I headed up to Seattle to visit my daughter for a few days. Bad timing- but it had already been planned. We had a great time.

We had  good time in the market- and ate the best croissants. Yummy- I love warm croissants!

The Chihuly Glass Center was amazing! Dear Mr. Chihuly, I would love a smaller version of this for my entryway- it would look fabulous there I promise!

So after I got back and got the rest of the furniture moved back into place, it was time to start the Christmas baking. Every year I make anywhere from 1000 - 1500 cookies and make trays for my family and friends.

The baking mess in full swing. I just felt like adding a layer of flour to the dust that is still hanging around from the floor installation.

Of course, the little princess needs lots of attention. She is just too dang cute to resist!

So, of course, all my attention is right here when she is around. She is 4 months old now, which is hard to believe!

Then the little princess got sick, and wasn't feeling well for a few days. She spent 3 and 1/2 days (and two nights) here at the house with Gramps and I, and let me tell you- Mimi is far too old to take care of an infant and get ANYTHING else done at the same time. I was super happy to have gotten the dishes washed on day!!

So now it is Christmas Eve and I still have to make a grocery list, wrap almost all of my presents and maybe mop the floor.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas all my friends!

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  1. wow you've been busy...but on the up side the floors do look fabulous! Happy Holidays!