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Sensory Play Quilt

I love to sew, but I don't find time to do it often enough. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive some fabulous trims from Decorative Trimmings and I selected some with making a quilt for the Princess in mind. I knew I wanted to add  lots of  trim to the quilt top so it would have lots of texture for her to play with.

Here is the Princess in action on her quilt- I never did get a really good shot of her on it, she moves so fast there days!

I used a selection of ric rak and lace from Decorative trimmings.

My fabric is a mix of stuff from my stash and I used Poly-fil Cotton Classic Batting from Fairfield World - this is one of my favorites!

I started by cutting my fabrics in to strips of varying widths and lying them out in the pattern I liked. Really, it was truly random.

Once I sewed all the strips together, I added the trim along the seams. Next up I added the Poly-fil and backing, quilted the pieces together, and trimmed the edges even.

To add the large ric rak into the front binding, I trimmed it down and tucked it into the binding as I sewed. I over lapped the ends to seal.

Here's another look at the Princess playing on her quilt. She loves the ribbons sewn on the top- she is spending lots of time pulling on them and chewing on them!

Thanks for stopping by today!