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I'm 1 Onesie

The Princess will be one very shortly (which I can't believe!) and of course she will need something to wear while eating cake. Out came my iron on letters from Joy.


I wanted to make something quick and easy, because I am pretty sure she will only be able to wear it this one time.

Here is the princess in her custom made onesie- and she is ready to eat some cake!
I picked up super cute onesie at Target and grabbed my Baby Monogram Letters and Numbers in Upper Case White. I dyed them to match the onesie using spray ink and ironed on following the instructions found HERE on the Joy website. There is not an apostrophe with the set, so I trimmed a tiny bit off the "1" to make one.

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  1. Adorable Princess and adorable onesie! Seems like you were just celebrating her birth :-)