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Big Time Party Decorations - Flowers!

The Princess is almost a year old and we are getting ready for the party. We have TONS of flowers to make and here is a look at how some of them will look.

This flower is 18" in diameter and very sparkly!

  • Smoothfoam 3" Ball
  • Italian Crepe Paper
  • chipboard
  • double sided tape
  • coffee filters
  • hot knife
  • gold paint, gold spray ink, gold microfine glitter
  • Beacon 3-N-1
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • paint brush, chop stick, stapler

To start off I cut a chipboard in a 8" circle and covered it with strong double sided tape. For the outer layer of petals, I cut ten 6"x10" pieces of crepe paper, then shaped them as shown above. Gather then across the bottom, staple together to maintain the shape and stick down to the adhesive.
TIP: - I cut a "ring" around the outside of the circle and just removed that portion of the release paper, instead of pulling it all off.

Add 5 petals, evenly spaced around the circle, then add 5 more. For the second layer of petals, I cut strips 5" wide and ruffled them as I stuck them down to the adhesive.

For the center, I cut the outer ring from 3 coffee filters, fringed them, layered them together and added them to the center of the flower.

For my center, I cut the 3" Smoothfoam ball in half with my hot knife, painted it with gold metallic paint, and sprinkled it with glitter while wet. When it was dry, I adhered it using Beacon 3-N-1.

To finish it off , I rolled the edges of the petals using a chop stick, shaping as I went. Then gave the whole thing a good spray with gold ink.  Add a ribbon to the back to hang. Done!

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