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Thrift Store Glasses Make Over - or the Tale of Two Glasses

Happy New Year everyone! Are you ready to do some toasting?? I am - in my brand new Flamingo glasses.

I fell in LOVE with the beautiful shape of these glasses as soon as I saw them sitting on the shelf in a thrift store. I picked up 8 of these for the paltry sum of $2.91!!!! I also knew immediately that I wanted to etch a flamingo silhouette on them - I so love those after all.

Unfortunately, my phone died after I made the project and I lost my "in progress" photos. Please see my tutorial here on how to cut the etchmask and apply the etching creme. 

Getting the etchmask on the surface was a little difficult since the surface was curved, but with a little patience it worked out beautifully.

Now,,, about that second glass,,,,,,

I was working on these when I was away at retreat. When I was finished with two of the glasses I decided to move on to something else. I wrapped the glasses up in paper towels to pack them away. When I got home and unwrapped them, one of the glasses looked like this! WHAT HAPPENED!!!

Turns out that one of the paper towels I had used to wrap, I had also used to WIPE UP SOME ETCHING CREME.


Thankfully I bought 8 glasses, so even though I killed this one and managed to drop one and break it, I still have a set of 6. Not bad for $2.91

Be sure to grab some etching supplies so you can create your own masterpiece. Remember, when you order use the code ANITAS to get a 10% discount.

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