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Mason Jar Lamp with Decorated Shade

I received the amazing Lighten Up kit from etchall® to work with this month and I was pretty excited. Who doesn't love to work with pretty things???  After doing some serious pondering, I decided to make use a Mason Jar for my lamp.

One of the easiest ways to etch is to use Class A' Peels stickers - they are great for etching. Check out the selection available on the etchall® website for some inspiration. Because I wanted to etch the negative of my design, I cut the whole sticker out and applied a small piece of etchmask Transfer Sheet to the top of the sticker. This allowed me to apply the sticker to the jar without distorting the shape! After removing the Transfer Sheet I weeded (removed) the parts I wanted to etch. Because there was so little material around the butterfly I added some masking tape to make sure I didn't etch anything by mistake.

Next up - apply the etchall® etching creme and leave for 15 minutes. Did you know that the creme is reusable? It is! When the time is up, scrape the excess creme back into the jar and use it again next time. Rinse the last of the creme away and dry. Remove the stencil and tape.

To decorate the lamp shade I removed the plastic panel from the shade, traced the shape onto patterned paper, and cut out.

I added this acetate butterfly from my stash. I colored the back with Tombow markers and let dry.

A few flowers finish off the design.