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Princess in Training Door Sign

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Princess in Training Door Sign

We are busy redoing the spare bedroom for out little princess since she spends so much time with us. This Princess in Training sign was just the thing to dress up her door! I picked up this little sign in the dollar spot at Target and used Vinyl from Style Tech to dress it up. This project was a little difficult to get a good photo of- I used the Brushed Metal vinyl for the words and it is super shiny AND it changes colors depending on how the light hits it!  But it is SOOOO pretty!!

Vinyl Crown
See how shiny that beautiful purple vinyl is??? Be sure to check out the Brushed Metal line from Style Tech - they have several great colors and you will love them all. The crown is cut from Gold Chrome  - another of the metal look vinyls. I dressed up the crown with resin flowers from Queen and Co and pearls.

Lining up vinyl words
I normally just eyeball my vinyl placement but I since this was going to be hanging on the door I wanted to make sure I got everything straight! I used my ruler and added some very light pencil lines where I wanted to place the words.  Be sure to use a light hand with the pencil and a soft lead - that will make erasing easier. I love my quilting ruler for jobs like this. Because it is 4" wide it makes it easy to line up against the edge.

Mono Zero eraser

To erase the pencil lines I use my Tombow Mono Zero eraser. It is VERY small and allows me to get into the tiny spaces around the vinyl with actually going OVER the vinyl. You don't want to use a larger eraser and go over the vinyl - this will leave marks on your vinyl. Learn from me young Jedi.

Hoe to save on vinyl
Because I don't like to have little scraps of vinyl in my box, I like to draw a box around my designs. Then I weed like normal and apply my transfer tape to remove the design from the backing. That leaves me with the full 12 x 12 sheet to work with.

Be sure to check out the Style Tech Facebook Page for new product releases and fabulous ideas.

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