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IKEA Bucket Turned Toy Storage

IKEA Bucket toy chest
The Princess is starting to accumulate quite a few toys at our house and storage was becoming a problem. We were checking out the new IKEA last week and I snapped up this super cheap bucket to turn into a toy chest for her. Because, you know,, she has her own room here for some reason. 

To complete this project I am using the new Ultra FX vinyl from StyleTech . Y'all... it is SUPER glittery.  Super. Glittery. Both layers of her name and the bubbles are Ultra FX. 

layered glitter vinyl
 Sparkle for miles y'all. You are going to love this stuff. I used a simple font to type out the words, un grouped the letters, then nudged the letters a little closer together. I used the offset tool to create the bottom layer and really made it a good size- almost double what the standard is. I really wanted that glitter to show! Here I am using Purple and Aquamist Ultra FX.

Multiple layers of vinyl
I have been waiting on an excuse to use this cute seahorse I bought from the Silhouette store some time ago! For this little critter I used Yellow Luster for the bottom layer, Lemon Lime Transparent Glitter for the middle layer, and Apple Green Polished Metal for the detail layer. The bubbles are the same Aquamist I used in the name. 

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  1. We have a new Ikea and I haven't been yet - I need to get around to it soon!

    1. Janet it is the mother ship. Seriously. You will love it!

  2. Love this idea, and the sea horse is amazing!

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