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Coastal Inspired Painted Glasses

Martha Stewart glass paints
For some reason I have been on  coastal theme kick lately. I just love the colors of sea glass. In keeping with that theme I created this set of Coastal inspired painted glasses - no need for glass charms when each glass is painted with a different color!

A couple of weeks ago I received some fabulous new paints from Plaid Crafts. I am in LOVE with these new Martha Stewart Glass Paints!! For this project I used the Sea Glass Translucent and the Milk Glass Opaque varieties.

Coastal painted glass
I picked up this set of glasses at the thrift store a while back and have been looking for a way to use them. I painted the base of each glass a different color making small swirls and stripes with the paint and set aside to dry over night. I then added the cute white dots using the end of a small paint brush. I let the glasses dry over night again.

Once your paint is dry, you are going to want to cure the paint. Follow the directions on the Plaid Crafts web site to finish your project and cure your paint.

For this project I used Martha Stewart Crafts paints:
Sea Glass  #22454 Blue Calico
Sea Glass #22459 Azurite
Sea Glass #22452 Beach Glass
Sea Glass #22451 Scottish Highlands
Milk Glass #22456 Milk Glass

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