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Paper Mache Fairy Wand

My sweet princess loves to play dress-up. So of course she needed a fairy wand to complete her wardrobe collection.  This sweet wand came together so quickly using a paper mache star I picked up at Michaels. A little paint, a little ink, a few letters and POOF - a wand was born!

These smaller sized Classic Monogram letters from Joy were perfect for this project. I chose the plain font in white- so I could color them to match my project.

I used a ready-made paper maché star, then painted it, crackled it and added some gold details. Since it is paper, the paint dried really quickly - so no time spent watching paint dry!

It is so easy to color your letters using a variety of mediums. My favorite is chalk ink - it's opaque so it covers in one coat. Put your letters on a piece of scratch paper and simply press the ink pad down on them to color. Set aside to dry.

After I added my letters I finished the project with paper flowers and lots of twine to give it a frilly, girly look. She is so in love with it!

You can find Joy embroidered iron-on numbers and letters in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes at your local craft store.

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